We uncover powerful stories and create engaging digital content to help our clients build connections with candidates, team members, and customers.

Let’s unpack what that means!

We uncover powerful stories


There’s a lot to love about stories—our brains are wired to find them more engaging than other types of information—but our favorite thing about them is that:

Stories provide tangible proof behind the claims that an organization makes about itself.

Our methodology revolves around conducting a series of interviews with an organization’s team members to uncover true stories.

…and create engaging digital content


Stories are most powerful when they’re shared. We have an in-house team of talented creative professionals that bring stories to life across a variety of shareable digital media.


Graphic Design
Interactive Design


…to help our clients…

build connections with candidates,…

Employer Branding / Recruitment Marketing Use Cases

Stories have the power to create connections in peoples’ minds. When candidates have a true connection with an employer brand,  big things happen : increased applicant quality and decreased time to hire in the short-run, and decreased turnover and higher engagement in the long-run. Our clients use the stories we uncover and the content we create in a variety of ways:

…team members, and customers.

Clients use the content we create in many ways outside of recruitment marketing. They share the content internally to engage current team members for onboarding, recognition, and development. Their stories also have the power to build connections with prospective customers when used in marketing campaigns.

I have seen the response by not only our candidates but our team members. The quality is very high but also generates a feeling of authenticity — it doesn’t feel over-produced.

Director, Global Employment Brand, Global Technology Company
Stories is my FAVORITE vendor to work with when it comes to multimedia content production. You guys make it so easy to capture a variety of quality content efficiently. The value-add our team has experienced with the videos, photos and transcript quotes is incredible. You guys have a knack for capturing the right messaging and threading the narrative through final videos in a really compelling way!
Global Employment Brand Project Manager, Dell

The entire Stories team is so wonderful to work with and the content they produce is world class! The entire process was simple and efficient. Stories consistently operated with our vision in mind and helped guide us when we were not 100% sure what we wanted the outcome to be.

Chelsea R., Global University Relations Program Manager, Dell

Stories has been such a great partner for a program that is so culturally critical for us. They’ve really sought to understand our needs, culture, values, and storytelling quality bar – I couldn’t imagine working with another company to help us reach our goals.

Corporate Communications Manager, innovative high-growth tech company

I loved working with the Stories Inc. team as they literally became an extension of our employer branding team during our project.

Senior Recruitment Marketing Manager, global billion-dollar services company