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global talent attraction

Stories for Global Employer Branding

Communicate your culture globally and locally through employee storytelling.

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Attract the global talent you need to reach your big goals.

Employee stories show what it’s like to work at your company no matter where you live or what job you have.

Relevant, personalized employee stories support regional talent acquisition efforts while upholding a cohesive employer brand.

Employee stories are a great way to celebrate the many cultures and backgrounds that make your organization unique. In addition to giving candidates great insight into your company, they’re a great way to celebrate your employees and build morale internally.


Our Process

You select storytellers you’d like to uncover stories from and feature in content.

We schedule and prep storytellers so they feel comfortable heading into the session.

We interview each employee using our facilitated process, in the filming style of your choosing.

We create a library of videos and other substantive content from the footage. Done!

Build Your Content Library

Using the stories we uncover, Stories will build a content library customized to meet your content goals.

Explore popular content mediums for global employer brand projects.

Show what it’s like to work for your company no matter where you live or what your role is. Employee stories ground your mission, purpose, and values in lived experiences around the globe.

If you’re looking to recruit to a specific office or region, give candidates insight into the employee experience at that location.

Conduct interviews in the storyteller’s first language to capture the most authentic stories and to connect more authentically with candidates in that market.

Global representation is critical in your employer brand photos. When you work with Stories, you receive 300+ images from one day of photography, including portraits, working shots, and environmental footage.

dell case study

Featured case study: Dell Technologies

Bring Dell Technologies’ global culture to life through employee stories.

Dell Technologies partnered with Stories Inc. to create content that reflected the employee experience at both the global and regional level.

Global sites visited
Storytellers interviewed
Photographs delivered
Videos delivered
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