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Diversity and Inclusion Content

When we looked at 250 career sites from the Fortune 500, a close variation of the phrase “inclusive and diverse culture” appeared 20% of the time. Don’t miss the opportunity to show candidates you mean it: use employee stories. If you’re not using stories from real employees to validate that your inclusion efforts work, and specifically show what your organization does to encourage and welcome different perspectives, it’s just words to seekers who see the sentiment everywhere.

What is Diversity and Inclusion Content?

Diversity and inclusion content is any content that communicates:

    • WHO makes up an organization’s workforce;
    • HOW the organization values and celebrates differences among its workforce;
    • WHAT the organization does to make the work experience better for under-represented groups;
    • WHEN the organization strives to hit goals regarding the makeup of its workforce, and leadership; and/or
    • WHY the organization believes that a diverse and inclusive environment is important.

Why is it important to create Diversity and Inclusion content?

If you’re reading this page, you hopefully already value the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, but you may not have realized the importance of communicating about the efforts your company has taken on that front.

According to a recent study by Deloitte, 75% of Millennials will leave their employer within 2-5 years if they don’t feel the company does enough to create a diverse and inclusive environment.

The takeaway from this statistic is that you need to communicate your D&I efforts and success to your employees consistently for retention as well as to candidates who will use your progress as a way to evaluate whether your culture is a fit.

Why do stories provide the most effective Diversity and Inclusion Content?

The most effective diversity and inclusion content features true employee stories to show what your company has done that’s made their work experience better.

From diversity in backgrounds and ethnicities to diversity in thought, skills and practices, what makes each of us different and unique deserves to be celebrated. That celebration comes to life for those both outside and within your organization when you take the time to cultivate and share the stories that best illustrate how you are both inclusive and diverse.

Sharing stories in your diversity and inclusion content is especially important for groups who have been burned by unhealthy cultures. They are especially skeptical. They want to hear from people who are like them about what working at a company they are considering is *really* like.

According to the Society of Women’s Engineers, 30% of women who left the engineering field did so because of the corporate culture. If your company is providing paths and mentorship to women in tech, candidates need to know about it. This video we created for Expedia is a great example:

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What makes our diversity and inclusion recruitment marketing content different?


People remember stories better than any other types of information they consume. It’s why some stories have lasted millennia in our civilization. Weaving stories into your diversity video will make it engaging and memorable.


Companies are notorious for making shallow claims about the amount of diversity at a company. Using authentic stories in your diversity video provides the proof that you are who you say you are.


Diversity videos that rely on stories are inherently substantive. Stories have many layers, and so even a short story can have deep messages and implications about what it’s truly like to work somewhere.

The storyteller shares specifically what BAE Systems did to create an inclusive environment for her. It’s engaging, authentic and substantive.

Want more examples? Our Best Diversity and Inclusion Content post has several examples of work we admire.

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