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Recruitment Marketing Videos

What is a Recruitment Marketing Video Series?

A Recruitment Marketing Video Series is a group of videos that show a candidate what it’s like to work at a company. Each video in the series might cover a different theme, like mission or core values. Together, the videos provide a complete picture of the company as a workplace.

Here’s an example of a Recruitment Marketing Video Series that Stories Inc. produced:

How are the videos in a Recruitment Marketing Video Series presented?

Story-based videos in a Recruitment Marketing Video Series can take one of two forms:

1) Some videos in the series combine multiple stories around a common theme, like your company’s mission or one of its core values. Here’s an example…

2) Other videos in the series turn to multiple storytellers to tell one story. See the example.

How do you create a Recruitment Marketing Video Series?

Now that you’ve seen what the finished product looks like, let’s dig into how we go about creating the video series.

Prepping Storytellers

After you select a slate of storytellers from in and around your organization, we take great care to make sure each feels completely comfortable with the storytelling process. After all, they’ll be sharing stories in front of a camera.

Interviewing Storytellers

Interviews with storytellers usually occur over a day or day-and-a-half on location at your organization. We keep a light footprint while taking care of all video equipment: HD cameras, lighting, and audio. The interviews themselves focus on uncovering stories, not marketing speak. The interviews are casual conversations

Producing Videos

Once the interviews are wrapped, we go back to our lab and cull through all the stories to determine which ones will make it into the series and how the videos will be organized.