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Employee Mosaics

Employer brand and recruitment marketing teams took the idea of buyer personas in marketing and adapted them to better identify and connect with potential candidates. But what if that approach is missing a major point?

Employee mosaics are the new personas

Companies want a diverse employee population who complement each other rather than look like each other. We’re exploring a new way of conducting persona research that is directly tied to content creation — giving companies deeper insight into their target audience while also giving candidates the opportunity to learn about company culture. 

Stories Inc. has been interviewing employees for nearly a decade, hearing about their experiences and gaining insight into what makes them thrive at an organization. What we’ve uncovered is that candidate personas can be helpful, but their current design and application doesn’t always give voice to the myriad of current and prospective employees who don’t look, feel, and think the same.

Enter the employee mosaic

Employee Mosaics include:

    • In-person and/or phone conversations with a cross-section of employee storytellers, focused on uncovering the stories beyond the typical persona answers.
    • Multiple storyteller perspects reflected in an interactive mosaic, shared through stories.
    • Employer brand and recruitment marketing content created to directly address the challenges and opportunities reflected in the mosaics.

In addition to receiving custom created content, we provide a professionally designed, interactive document that includes stories, in storyteller’s actual voices for each employee mosaic. This tool brings emotion and a human element so you can better empathize with, and understand, your target audience.

How mosaics drive content creation

Oftentimes our clients are working toward goals like hiring more veterans, or increasing the number of women in technology roles. To do this effectively, you’ll need to speak directly to the audience you want to attract, in a language they’ll understand. And you can do this by building content that reflects the mosaic of experiences that is unique and special to that specific population. 

The goal with this content is to capture what the employee experience is like for that talent category, team, or job so candidates with common backgrounds and shared experiences connect with the storytellers and recognize a place for them in your organization. 

Are you interested in creating employee mosaics to fuel your recruitment marketing content? Let’s chat!

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