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Video Job Descriptions

Why are Video Job Descriptions important?

According to internal data collected by CareerBuilder, job postings with a video icon — indicating recruitment marketing video content — earned 12% more views than postings that did not have video content. Not convinced? These same companies that attached a video to their job postings also received a 34% higher application rate than those without video.

These statistics mean that enlisting video job descriptions in addition to traditional text descriptions not only draws in more views, but actually converts more job seekers. Candidates are searching for insight, and the more specific you can get about the job, the team, and the universal culture, the more you win the attention and consideration of potential candidates, which leads to applications.

Bring the job to life

In a text-only job description, enthusiasm is limited to punctuation. A video job description allows for hiring managers and team members to bring to life the real employee experience.

Convert…or not

When you share recruitment marketing content, you’re really asking candidates to consider changing their lives. Make the decision to start the journey with you easier by showing them what it’s really like to work at your company, in that role, with that team. The best way to show-not-tell is through video and other visuals.

When candidates can see the environment, and understand the specifics of what they’d be doing, they start to mentally picture themselves at that workplace doing that job, which is a powerful strategy towards candidate conversion.

If this image resonates, you’ve got a candidate. If not, your content has led someone who probably would not have been a good fit to self-select themselves out of the application process, saving everyone time and resources. Both are victories.

In this video, a sales team leader describes a sales competition that lasted until 11:59 pm. The right candidate for that environment is excited. The wrong candidate will click elsewhere (and hopefully refer!). When your content is specific and story-based, it attracts and detracts.

Use Storytelling in Video Job Descriptions to Build Trust

By using video job descriptions and employee stories, you can build excitement, resonate with authenticity, and convert the right candidates. Your employees’ real stories are the proof that the job and work environment is what you say it is.

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