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Content for Remote Teams and Hybrid Workplaces

As more companies adopt work-from-home policies and create geographically dispersed teams, candidates will seek out more information about how remote work fits into your company culture in your content for distributed teams: How does your company include remote team members in the day-to-day? How does work get done on your remote teams? Your job as a recruitment marketer is to convey the experience of working at your organization, and that includes the experience of team members working remotely.

How we support distributed teams

In any project, Stories Inc. strives to uncover stories about the talent experience. For distributed teams, we can conduct our storyteller conversations in-person (as travel considerations allow) or remotely—over the phone or on video with help from our Virtual Story Sessions.

When we conduct our storyteller conversations remotely, we create the types of content that work really well with a virtual conversation:

Virtual Story Sessions

Ask about our Virtual Story Sessions, where we send a camera, light, and microphone straight to your storytellers. We facilitate a conversation to uncover their stories remotely, and create high-quality videos highlighting their remote work experience.

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Virtual Story Sessions

Text Stories / Spotlights / Blog Posts

Sharing employee stories through text on your career site — whether in the form of blog posts or team member spotlights — comes with multiple benefits: 1) in certain situations, text is easier for candidates to consume than video, so sharing stories in that format can allow for wider exposure; and 2) text-based stories can provide SEO value for your career site.  

Social Posts and Graphics

Social media provides a really valuable channel for sharing employee stories because social media platforms are inherently about people. Share a short story on social media to build awareness and drive traffic to longer form content. Tag your storytellers and turn them into ambassadors for your employer brand.


Infographics offer a unique format to tell stories— they organize information in ways that other media can’t and provide an engaging experience that candidates don’t see every day. Use an infographic to weave stories, illustration, and graphic design together to convey a cultural theme in your organization. 

Animated Videos

We overlay the recorded audio of our conversation with your storytellers with custom animations to bring your distributed team members’ stories to life.

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How we support teams during the COVID-19 crisis

The world faces unprecedented challenges with the growth of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re grateful to the heroes in the healthcare industry on the front lines, as well as those whose essential, in-person work is helping the world get through these difficult times: truck drivers, grocery and pharmacy workers, and food preparers, to name a few.

This crisis has brought out the best in many companies and people, who have stepped up to the challenge without a guidebook to lean on. How your organization has responded in the face of a global pandemic shows a lot about your culture. For those companies who responded with empathy, resources, and cross-team collaboration, you’ll want to share these stories, so that candidates can understand who you really are as an organization. We’re here to help you uncover them, and we can support you remotely during this crisis.

Despite the unprecedented shock to the economy that this epidemic has caused, many teams still need to find the right people to join them (and, in many cases, now more than ever). Candidates need real insight into your culture now more than ever. We’re here to help in any way we can.

Let’s chat about how we can support you during the COVID-19 Crisis.

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