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Recruitment marketing meets employee engagement
in this bundle from Stories Inc.

Two birds, one stone

Employee Spotlights bolster employee engagement and raise your cultural profile among candidates.
They’re so much more than one static employee profile.

Stories Inc. Employee Spotlights include:

A compelling video highlighting your team member

Social clips, optimized per social channel

Long form blog post and/or career site profile

Headshot photography

Employee Spotlights are Smart Recruitment Marketing Content

Why create just one employee profile, when you can celebrate your team member in several ways, across many candidate- and employee-facing channels?

For example, Tiffany is recognized for her accomplishments while highlighting her personal and professional growth. How Dell Technologies has supported Tiffany along her leadership journey is also great content for candidates searching for cultural insight. And, her story was then optimized per channel and shared via multiple mediums.

Employee Recognition (That Engages Candidates, Too)

We celebrated Christian’s four-year anniversary at Stories Inc. with an employee spotlight that yielded:

  • This standalone video story
  • A blog post highlighting Christian as a member of our team
  • A LinkedIn video post and accompanying text
  • Custom graphic content for Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
  • Job description video to accompany our project team job posting

Just one employee spotlight project produces several pieces of content, used for employee recognition, recruitment marketing, social recruiting, culture communication and more.

Virtual & On-Site Capabilities


Employee Spotlights can be captured on-site in the workplace, with b-roll and photography.


We send a Virtual Story Session pack to your employee storytellers anywhere in the world they’re working. We guide them through setup, and interview and record them remotely.


We can combine in-person and virtual storytelling methods, customized per employee storyteller. All content will have a consistent look-and-feel, following your brand guidelines.

Get started creating Employee Spotlights for your organization!

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