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Employer Branding Content

What is employer branding content?

Employer branding is about creating a connection between your company and top talent (and also your existing people!) and telling your company’s story. For this reason, employer branding is one of the most important uses for the content we create. We uncover engaging, authentic, substantive stories that get through to candidates and the people in your organization.

Storytelling in employer branding

Stories Inc. produced this video for HomeAway to describe one component of their employer brand—boomerang employees.

  • Story-Focused Methodology
  • Strategic Talent Acquisition Experience
  • Beautiful HD Video
  • Professional Web Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Custom Illustration
  • Photography

Storytelling is a popular buzzword these days. But if you can do it right, storytelling can add a powerful jolt to your employment branding. The reason is that stories make your recruitment marketing engaging, authentic, and substantive.


Stories have been engaging humans since the beginning of our existence. The reason? Human brains are wired to activate much more when consuming stories than other types of information. The result is increased engagement and retention of the information. Storytelling in employer branding goes a long way in engaging top talent.


Saying, “We’re like family here,” is not particularly believable or authentic in the absence of a story to back it up. Showing your people supporting one another in a time of need, however, speaks volumes. Your stories will establish authenticity in your employer brand. We uncover stories that bring that evidence to the candidate.


In other pieces of employment branding content, you’ll often see a focus on perks. While on-site gyms are convenient, they aren’t what make you great. A story about how your people have bonded over their shared love of fitness at the company gym, on the other hand, shows what you’re about. At Stories Inc, we tie the stories we uncover for employer branding content to the more substantive aspects of your culture.

Free download: How to Build an Employer Brand around Stories

Wondering how to create a connection between your company and top talent? Find out how by building an employer brand around stories.

How do you create employer branding content?

While our example here shows a video, employer branding content can take on many mediums. The Stories Inc. methodology is to capture stories first, then decide the medium that fits the story best. For example, we’ve used beautifully illustrated comics to share stories that lack a visual component or have some camera-shy participants.