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Stories for DEI Content

Communicate what inclusion looks like in the workplace — with authentic content rooted in tangible employee stories.

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Build trust and drive your DEI initiatives forward with authentic employee stories. 

Use employee stories to highlight how your team is working towards ambitious goals, like achieving gender parity by 2030 or hiring 5,000 female engineers.

Drive participation for ERGs and other programs that cultivate a more inclusive culture in your organization. 

Stories are the proof that you are who you say you are and build trust with candidates and employees alike. 

Our Process

You select storytellers you’d like to uncover stories from and feature in content.

We schedule and prep storytellers so they feel comfortable heading into the session.

We interview each employee using our facilitated process, in the filming style of your choosing.

We create a library of videos and other substantive content from the footage. Done!

Build Your Content Library

Using the stories we uncover, Stories will build a content library customized to meet your content goals.

Explore popular content mediums for diversity, equity, and inclusion projects.

Communicate your commitment to DEI and where you are in the journey by sharing stories that show how your employees experience inclusion at work.

Drive awareness and participation of company-sponsored events and groups by highlighting how they have positively impacted employees’ lives.

An employee spotlight shines a light on an employee that really embodies your culture and gives them an opportunity to tell a longer-form story. In this story, LaToya shares her experience as a Black women in technology and how she has experienced inclusion at Intel.

Your photos should represent the diversity of your workplace. When you work with Stories Inc. you receive 300+ images from one day of photography, including portraits, working shots, and environmental footage

A compelling DEI content strategy should be both timely and timeless. DEI celebrations like Historic Heritage Month and International Women’s Day are excellent opportunities to celebrate your team members and communicate your commitment to inclusion.

Labcorp Case Study
diversity and inclusion calendar

Featured case study: Labcorp

Creating a year of celebratory DEI content.

Labcorp partnered with Stories Inc. to create a year of timely DEI employee story content. Labcorp used this content to showcase its investment into DEI, highlight unique programs, and attract a more diverse talent pipeline.

Storytellers interviewed virtually
Videos delivered
DEI holidays celebrated
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