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Stories for Corporate Communications

Engage customers, team members, candidates, alumni, and more with relevant employee story content. 

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Drive strategic initiatives forward with timely, relevant outreach.

Employee stories communicate key messages to the audiences you care about most: employees, customers, candidates, shareholders, and more. 

Employee stories show your company’s progress towards ambitious goals, like reaching gender parity by 2030. 

An employee story content calendar engages audiences at key moments throughout the year. 


Our Process

You select storytellers you’d like to uncover stories from and feature in content.

We schedule and prep storytellers so they feel comfortable heading into the session.

We interview each employee using our facilitated process, in the filming style of your choosing.

We create a library of videos and other substantive content from the footage. Done!

Build Your Content Library

Using the stories we uncover, Stories will build a content library customized to meet your content goals.

Explore popular content pieces for communications projects.

Employee stories ground your mission, purpose, and values in lived experiences.

Use employee stories to show how your team is working towards bold strategic goals. In this video, Dell Technologies employees connect their work to the company’s mission of impacting a billion lives through technology.

A compelling communications strategy recognizes the importance of cultural and community events and creates content that meets the moment. Celebrations like Historic Heritage Month and International Women’s Day are excellent opportunities to celebrate your team members and communicate your commitment to inclusion.

Using our Dynamic Event Coverage premium offering, take advantage of in-person events to interview team members while they are actively engaging with your organization. In this video, Viget used an in-person event to showcase their company culture and celebrate their team.

Drive participation by highlighting how employees have been positively impacted by company events, programs, and benefits.

Watch the 2021 ACC Members’ Stories video.

Featured Client: American College of Cardiology

Drive member engagement around annual conference.

Since 2017, ACC has partnered with Stories Inc. to uncover stories from their Physician-members about how the college has added value to their careers. From the interviews, a long-form compilation video is created to celebrate and engage members at their annual conference.

Total storytellers interviewed
Compilation video delivered
Annual conferences celebrated

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