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Initiative Hiring

Your organization has committed to hiring more women, promising an end to gender parity by 2020 like Intuit. Or, you’ve pledged to hire 1,000-3,000 veterans or military spouses over the next five years, like Dell.

When you embark on an initiative hiring campaign, you need compelling employee story content that clearly shows your prospective hires two things:

There are people like you thriving here

You want your audience to relate and connect to people like them, and start to think of them as future teammates and coworkers.

Our organization understands and supports your unique challenge or perspective

You want prospective candidates to know it’s not about hitting a number. You’re serious about retention too. You must show your company understands their challenges and are prepared to welcome and support them as employees for the long term.

Employee stories are also the best proof and will complement your specific recruiting programs and employee resource groups that may be in place.

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