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internal communications content

Internal Communications Content

Internal communications teams play an important role in reinforcing the culture of an organization, giving a voice to leaders and team members alike. But like all other communicators, internal comms must compete for the attention of its audience. Employee and leadership stories provide the most compelling internal comms content.

Employee stories reinforce messages from leadership

Whatever your company’s strategy and areas of focus, from “customers first” to “culture of innovation,” employee stories bring those abstract concepts to life. Employees trust that these aren’t just corporate jargon but are truly priorities when they hear how these ideas come to life for colleagues.

Rather than consuming a complex strategy document or reading a lengthy email from a leader, employee stories show rather than tell the areas of focus for your company. Because it’s one thing to say “customers first” and it’s another to hear how employees went above and beyond for their clients, in their own words.

Distribution idea: Share employee stories and leader stories through your internal email newsletters. Team members will actively engage with this oft-ignored channel if their colleagues’ stories are featured.

Employee stories promote and elevate recognition efforts

In addition to the many opportunities to use employee stories in employee recognition programs, another benefit of sharing employee stories internally is that colleagues can celebrate the featured storytellers in a more informal way. Employees are used to hearing from leaders, but they are hungry to hear more from employees of all levels, who they might better relate to.

Distribution idea: Find ways for team members to engage, perhaps on your company intranet, where colleagues can comment or “like” the story-based content. This benefits the storyteller, who receives recognition from colleagues, and others who are inspired by the story. In turn, this promotes pride in your company among all employees, who can then serve as brand ambassadors.

Employee stories remind employees your company invests in them

From stories of work/life balance to development programs, sharing employee stories internally reinforces your commitment to employees. It reminds them that you prioritize their well-being and care about them, which is crucial for an engaged and productive workforce.

Distribution idea: Share stories that highlight your benefits or policies in your employee handbook. Your handbook doesn’t have to be a dry policy document — liven it up with engaging, story-based content.colleagues, and others who are inspired by the story. In turn, this promotes pride in your company among all employees, who can then serve as brand ambassadors.

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