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Virtual Story Sessions

Right now there are hundreds of compelling employee stories that show how your company’s response to the crisis has impacted your teammates. These are stories your candidates and employees need to hear. But, creating culture content that is both full of cultural insight and visually interesting is difficult when you don’t have the tools and the time. Add that your storytellers are geographically dispersed, and it feels impossible.

But now, it’s not just possible to bring those stories to life—it’s easy.

In response to this challenge, Stories Inc. has launched a virtual story service to capture compelling culture stories from employees. We took the same story-based methodology and process our clients love and created a remote experience that’s easy for you and your remote storytellers. 

Our Virtual Story Sessions are facilitated experiences that help us uncover your unique culture through virtual conversations and video recording with your employees. 

The result is something like this: visuals that enhance your employee stories, with insight into your culture that resonates with candidates and team members.

Easy for employees

Creating employee-generated content can be risky. Once you’ve gotten your employees to say yes, they still may not know what to say or how to create a video with decent lighting. This can amount to anxiety, frustration and an end product neither of you are excited about. 

They need help.

Virtual Story Sessions create experiences employees love. We’re with your employee storytellers every step of the way to make sure they feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. They’ll be proud of the stories they share through a casual conversation with experts. And, they’ll be excited to share their story with their network when it’s finished.

Easy for you

Here’s how Virtual Story Sessions work.

  • You select your employee storytellers. 
  • We send your storytellers a video toolbox to create the best audio and video quality possible in a remote set up.
  • We are the main point of contact for your storytellers. We schedule their session, prepare them for our conversation, and personally guide the video tool kit set up, with no technical skills required on their part. 
  • Our expert interviewers facilitate a virtual conversation to capture the best stories about working at your organization. Storytellers get the chance to share their stories in their own space.
  • After each session, we immediately receive the storyteller’s footage and start crafting content for you.

Here’s Christian walking you through what to expect from the process:

Let’s chat about how we can support your content efforts with our Virtual Story Sessions.

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Your employee stories are more important now than ever before. And candidates will look for stories as proof that your company took care of its employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. This signals how they’ll be taken care of if they join your company. 

Additionally, Virtual Story Sessions are a great way to uncover employee stories to:

  • Recognize employees who have done impactful things for their teams, the organization, and their communities. 
  • Amplify your values that have been demonstrated through a crisis, or show up in your everyday culture.
  • Welcome new hires to help them virtually connect to your culture from day one.
  • Personalize video interviews by sharing culture and team content before and after virtual interviews, to give candidates an opportunity to hear from more of your people.
  • Show remote work culture and what it’s like to work as a distributed team in your organization.

Learn more about how we’re helping organizations create content with distributed teams.

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