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Stories for Initiative Hiring

From campus recruitment to hiring 5,000 veterans by 2030, use employee story content to engage and convert key talent groups.

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Build trust and drive initiative hiring campaigns forward with authentic employee story content.

Candidates trust people they consider to be similar to themselves. By sharing employee stories from, for example, a veteran thriving in your culture, it shows veteran candidates that your culture is a place where they could thrive there, too. 

When candidate expectations match reality, new hires are set up for success in your culture. And, initiative hiring stories can also be shared internally to celebrate specific talent groups and build morale.

Employee stories help candidates self-select in or out of your hiring process earlier in the funnel, letting your team focus on nurturing and converting a highly engaged candidate pool. 

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Our Process

You select storytellers you’d like to uncover stories from and feature in content.

We schedule and prep storytellers so they feel comfortable heading into the session.

We interview each employee using our facilitated process, in the filming style of your choosing.

We create a library of videos and other substantive content from the footage. Done!

Build Your Content Library

Using the stories we uncover, Stories will build a content library customized to meet your content goals.

Explore popular content mediums for initiative hiring projects.

Build trust with specific talent groups — like women in tech or early career talent — by creating a compilation video featuring multiple employees from that talent group thriving in your culture.

An employee spotlight shines a light on an employee that really embodies your culture and gives them an opportunity to tell a longer-form story. In this story, LaToya shares her experience as a Black women in technology and how she has experienced inclusion at Intel.

Nurture your candidate database with an employee story-fueled email campaign. This video was shared as part of an email nurture campaign targeting Early Career Talent interested in working at Intel.

Social graphics empower your team to share stories across all of your channels. They are a great way to highlight and celebrate team members who are thriving in your culture, who represent initiative hiring groups.

Featured case study: Intel

Drive engagement with a key talent segment.

In partnership with Stories Inc., Intel created an early career nurture campaign powered by employee story content. The three-email campaign drove more applications than any other email campaign in all of 2022.

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