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Stories for Employer Brand

Show candidates why they should bring their talent to your company — with consistent, compelling employee story content.

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Make real employees the face of your employer brand.

Bring EVP statements, brand pillars, and other aspects of your culture to life. Employee stories are the proof that you are who you say you are.

By giving real insight into the employee experience, stories help candidates picture themselves working with your company (or not — that’s great, too!).

You’ll work with a dedicated account team that understands your culture and employer brand guidelines. And, our professional crew ensures all content has a consistent look and feel.

Our Process

You select storytellers you’d like to uncover stories from and feature in content.

We schedule and prep storytellers so they feel ready and excited heading into the session.

We interview each employee using our facilitated process, in the filming style of your choosing.

We create a library of videos and other substantive content from the footage. Done!

Build Your Content Library

Customized to your employer brand messaging needs.
the best photos for employer brand
Life at Capital One_ Stories for the Blog
social media and employer brand: essential employee

Featured case study: BAE Systems, Inc.

Show universal culture across multiple business units.

See how BAE Systems, Inc. worked with Stories to create a universal culture content library across their three core business units.

On-site interview days
Storytellers interviewed
Employee photos delivered
Videos delivered
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