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Employer Branding & Talent Attraction

Our employer branding services help you bring your culture to life at every stage of the candidate journey.

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We’re the employee storytelling experts.

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Employee story content works for…

Bring EVP statements, DEI, and other aspects of your culture to life to help candidates opt in or out.

From job ads to email nurture campaigns to hiring manager spotlights, get content optimized by channel to move talent through the candidate funnel.

Increase quality of hire and fill roles faster by giving talent realistic insight into what it’s like to work at your company.

Employee story content for employer branding services, recruitment marketing and talent acquisition

Popular employer branding services

EVP Activation

Employee story videos and photos to bring your Employer Value Proposition to life.

Career Site Refresh

Company culture videos, job-specific content, and a robust photo library help candidates see themselves in your organization.

Team Storytelling

Show off team culture by highlighting managers and individual contributors within key job categories.


Bring your inclusion and belonging efforts to life with compelling content rooted in tangible employee stories.

Day in the Life Videos

Give insight into an always-on or hard-to-fill position by spotlighting an employee for a day.

Social Media Content

Create a library of videos, graphics, and other digital content optimized by channel to engage talent online.

Candidates love video.

It’s our bread and butter. Use employee story videos to communicate:
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Stories Inc. really understood what our company was, who our employees were, and how to tell that full story to attract top talent and increase our reach. To be able to have a content library of footage is something that I dreamed about but was never able to do on my own.”

Alex Wallace
Alex Wallace
Talent Brand Manager at The Knot Worldwide

Say good-bye to stock photography.

Our employee photoshoots capture employee portraits, working shots, and environmental photos to give you the variety you need to populate all your channels.

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Global capabilities

We work where you work. Our global services allow us to capture stories from all around the world to give you both universal and local content.

• Dedicated creative team ensures a consistent look and feel across geographies
• In-person and virtual filming options
• Interviews captured in both English and native languages
• Local language translation and captioning
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