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Content for Talent Community Nurture Campaigns

When a prospective candidate joins your talent community, you have their permission to market to them. That’s a big deal. But this opt-in is, quite literally, only half the battle: 47% of companies with talent networks never send another communication after the confirmation email. Keep going. Next, you need engaging content to share with your talent community regularly.

What makes for a successful talent community?

A successful candidate nurture strategy is: 

  1. Consistent. Whether your email cadence is weekly, monthly, or quarterly, stick to it. It’s hard to get attention and trust back once you’ve let it lapse.
  2. Relevant. Understand the different interests and motivations of your candidate segments, and share content that delivers a personalized experience.
  3. Dynamic. You are nurturing relationships with future candidates, not just sending emails. Always look for opportunities to hyper-segment lists and refresh content. Your culture is constantly evolving, and your candidate nurture should reflect that.

Our favorite talent community nurture content:

Employee stories are the best way to give candidates insight into what it’s like to work at your company. Plus, you can repurpose them across your various candidate segments while still creating a relevant and authentic experience. 

To create this experience consistently, you need a library of employee stories. Our unique methodology is designed to efficiently create employer branding and recruitment marketing content at scale, perfect to market to your talent community and engage candidates on a regular basis.

Here are four examples of content from BAE Systems, Inc. that create a personalized experience for talent community subscribers:

Employee at BAE Systems

Business area insight

BAE Systems hires a lot of program managers. Adrienne’s story gives prospective PM candidates insight into one of her projects, and ultimately the purpose her work serves.


For candidates interested in BAE Systems’ Norfolk shipyard, this video features sweeping views of the location and insight into the culture there.

Government Contracting Employee Photo

Career Stage

Experienced professionals want to know how they can grow internally and reach their career goals. Harshit shares how the company trusted him to lead his first engineering team, on a deadline.

Timely content

Keep current events in mind as you communicate with your talent community. To celebrate International Women’s Day, sharing Neeta’s story shows how BAE Supports the careers and personal lives of their female team members.

Let’s chat about how we can help you create content for your Talent Community nurture campaigns!

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