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What’s in your recruitment marketing content stack?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

This post is an updated-for-2022 excerpt from our downloadable guide to creating a recruitment marketing content stack.

Whether you’re creating a recruitment marketing content strategy or populating your brand new recruitment marketing technology, you need a content stack. Here’s the framework we recommend to our partners when building a recruitment marketing content library (and we’re happy to share it with you, too!). 

The Employee Story Recruitment Marketing Content Pyramid

To best engage with prospective candidates throughout their journey, you need a library of personalized content that you can deploy throughout your candidate facing channels and recruitment marketing technology. Here’s a way to think about the content you need to create a compelling candidate experience:

Universal Content

This content speaks to the common employee experience, regardless of a team member’s tenure or functional expertise. Mission, core values, and benefits are examples of universal content. Career sites and review sites have the ideal slots for this type of content, often used as general culture videos

BAE Systems, Inc. created a “Working at BAE Systems” video to bring to life the passionate and quirky team members throughout their company: 

Universal content doesn’t have to be long-form content. Rae’s standalone story from Kasasa showcases their ‘Love’ core value in action: 

Talent Category

This content speaks directly to someone who shares a common background. This could be different talent pipelines you’re building, like early career: 

Or for initiative hiring campaigns, like women in tech:


What’s it like to work on the sales team? How about on the inside sales team? Specifics go a long way.

For CVS Health, their Merchandising team felt particularly empowered to innovate: 


What is it like to be a call center analyst at your company? The important thing to remember isn’t to show what a call center analyst does. It’s all about showing what a call center analyst does at your company and how it’s different from other places where you could be a call center analyst. 

At Frontpoint Security, Robert gives insight into the competitive nature of the sales team:


What’s it like to work for Jane/James? This content is great for hard to fill positions, when you can get ahead of the competition by giving candidates what they are searching for: hiring manager insights!

Meet Maryalyce Saenz, the Director/Senior Category Manager of Vitamins, Diet & Nutrition at CVS Health:

Not only does her story show passion for the CVS Health mission, but it enables a candidate to see the personal side of their future manager, too. Check out more examples and strategies for improving candidate experience with hiring manager videos.

Specific Persona

Persona content appeals to a very specific person and uses a combination of pyramid perspectives to target candidates with similar experiences and attributes. 

What’s it like to be a software developer at Activision Blizzard, specifically for smash hit World of Warcraft? Let’s hear it from Elsbeth:

Elsbeth’s story gives insight into life as a member of the engineering team, a woman in tech at Blizzard, details of her tasks and role, and how her work fuels her need for purpose. All in under two minutes!

Get all of these recruitment marketing content tips, and more, when you download the guide!