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7 of the Best Company Culture Videos

Reading Time: 4 minutes

We live in a media-saturated and information overloaded world. As we’re constantly scrolling through social media feeds, news reports, and more, we are changing the way our brains consume information. Our expectations for how we learn about new topics and ultimately make decisions is also changing. We need visual content, video in particular.

Billions of hours of video are consumed a day across different social media platforms and their growing popularity has shifted the way candidates expect to get information.

This absolutely impacts your recruitment marketing and employer branding content. You must use video to capture attention, engage and educate your candidates about your culture. Here are a few of our favorite company culture videos that communicate a company’s culture in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

Get inspired by these top 7 company culture videos:

1. CirrusLogic shares several inspiring and personal reasons why employees love working there…without anyone every saying a word! Their quotes are written up on white boards all over the office while seeing the faces of the people who said them interacting within the office and with their teams.

2. Seer Interactive created a compelling culture video using a simple screencast. It shows the company strategizing and collaborating together on a Google Doc to solve a problem for a client.

3. Loews Hotels features multiple employee perspectives on one of Loews’ corporate values, Family. While “We’re Like Family” is an often-used phrase that often doesn’t illustrate culture well, the difference is the supporting stories that bring the value “home” and give candidates great insight into the workplace culture.

4. Dell spotlights a specific program and shows a lot about the culture in a minute and a half. This video uses employee stories to highlight a rotational program, professional development,  international opportunities, and a friendly and global culture. Whew!

5. BambooHR combines stop-action video of employees at work, with real life footage of those same employees out in the world doing the things they love to do outside of work. The slices of life exemplify BambooHR’s focus on providing a healthy culture for their employees in and out of the office.

6. BAE Systems focuses on how one team contributes to the mission of the company. Highlighting team culture is important to give candidates a specific view into the employee experience, and this video shows the visual realities of the workplace for those that work in the shipyard.

7. CVS Health is bringing you purpose, and plenty of employees who come to work each and every day with a renewed purpose to bring the best products and experience to their customers. Without having to explicitly say it, CVS shows that their employees are supported to grow, lead and make big decisions that give their job true purpose.

Want more inspiring examples?

We think employee stories are the most compelling culture content. We’ve created an eBook with 10 more examples from progressive companies like yours, that use a singular employee story to communicate culture. Download here.

Download for the best examples of employee stories that illustrate culture.