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7 of the Best Company Culture Videos

We live in a media-saturated and information overloaded world; and as we’re constantly scrolling through social media feeds, news reports, and more, we might actually be changing the way our brains consume information. So what does that mean for your hiring practices when you want to best portray your company culture and team? Well, you give the people what they want and how they want it…with company culture videos of course!

Video is proving to be one of the most popular and still-growing vehicles for media across social media and beyond. Billions of hours of video are consumed a day across different social media platforms and their growing popularity has signaled a shift in the way customers, consumers, and more are looking to get their information.

It’s the perfect excuse to finally trade out the stock photos on your company career site for something that better encapsulates what it’s like to work within your company, in a way that will be far more appealing to your potential candidates and employees.


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While we can’t round up ALL of the best of the best company culture videos out there, we pulled together some of our favorites that really encapsulate a company’s culture in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

Get inspired by these top 7 company culture videos:

1. CirrusLogic shares several inspiring and personal reasons why employees love working there…without anyone every saying a word! Their quotes are written up on white boards all over the office and while they would stand on their own as telling a strong story about what it’s like to work at CirrusLogic, you get to see the faces of the people who said them interacting within the office and with their teams.

2. Seer Interactive has yet another example of creating a compelling culture video without ever needing an employee to say a word too. A simple screencast of what appears to be a good portion of the company strategizing and collaborating together on a Google Doc to solve a problem for a client speaks volumes about what it’s like to work at Seer and the type of people they hire.

3. Elite SEM shares their 4 core values and their employees tell stories that genuinely exemplify them throughout their careers at the company. The format is simple, but it’s no less powerful because of it, and the one-on-one interviews with the employees give viewers the feeling that they’re having an authentic conversation with them about their work experience while explaining how they live out the brand values in their day-to-day.

4. Dell puts the spotlight on their interns and how they extended all of the benefits of their work life balance focused culture to them throughout their program. While it’s not a traditional company culture video per say, it exemplifies the culture by giving a voice to interns and allowing them to share their experience in a culture where they’re given the space to really contribute to the greater organization.

5. BambooHR combines stop-action video of employees at work, with real life footage of those same employees out in the world doing the things they love to do outside of work. The slices of life exemplify BambooHR’s focus on providing a healthy culture for their employees in and out of the office.

6. Dropbox with a twist! They took the typical seated interview with employees and made them muppets. Lighthearted and humorous, while still anchored in the realistic voices and experiences of their employees, Dropbox’s video does a great job at portraying a fun culture and some really talented puppeteer employees…

7. CVS Health is bringing you purpose, and plenty of employees who come to work each and every day with a renewed purpose to bring the best products and experience to their customers. Without having to explicitly say it, CVS shows that their employees are supported to grow, lead and make big decisions that give their job true purpose.

Now it’s YOUR turn

What can you take away from these videos to make your own effective, inspiring, and ‘cultured’ company culture videos? Whether you’re focusing on a single value or benefit you offer your employees, the idea is to personify your team, while telling a cohesive story to your potential candidates and employees.

Ready to create your own company culture video?

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