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Author: storiesincorporated

best employee value propositions

The best Employee Value Propositions have this in common

Reading Time: 6 minutes The best Employee Value Propositions (EVP) and cultural statements use real employee stories to validate and activate these words for their candidates and employees. This piece is an excerpt from our content guide, Activate Your Employee Value Proposition with Stories. Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) are

always on recruitment marketing

Always-On Recruitment Marketing Through Stories

Reading Time: 9 minutes Employee story content is the best recruitment marketing content, period, and should be part of your always-on recruitment marketing content strategy.  Stories from team members are not a once-in-a-while project, or idea for an individual campaign. They’re not a “nice to have” within your culture

attracting elite athletes to Intel

Attracting Elite Athletes to Intel

Reading Time: 6 minutes Stories Incorporated helped capture stories and create content for attracting athletes to work at Intel. Intel is one of the world’s biggest and best innovators, often looked to as a major thought leader in business – not just semiconductors. Since 1968, Intel has been changing

Diversity and inclusion content calendar 2022

Reading Time: 6 minutes In order to fully celebrate diversity and inclusion, your culture content needs to be …   Timely and timeless  Personal and universal  Segmented and inclusive  … and none of those are mutually exclusive! As long as your culture content honors the diversity of your team members

employee photos and employer brand

Webinar On-Demand: Employee Photography & Employer Brand

Reading Time: 2 minutes In Vivid Color: Real Employee Photography Reveals Your Employer Brand Experts from Stories Incorporated and exaqueo show you why real employee images and stories are critical to communicating a strong employer brand. And, they show you how to best capture culture. The candidate and employee

Content you need on your career site

Reading Time: 8 minutes The best career sites give candidates what they want: insight into the employee experience and workplace culture. To create an engaging and insightful candidate experience, you need exciting, real, right-now content about your employee experience. So, what is the best content for your career site? 

how to share positive corporate culture

How to share positive corporate culture with candidates

Reading Time: 7 minutes To say that creating a healthy corporate culture is important is a major understatement. Recent research published in an article by MIT, Toxic Culture Is Driving the Great Resignation*, used data to prove what we already know: toxic corporate culture is by far the strongest predictor

Best employer branding resources

Best employer branding resources of 2022 (so far)

Reading Time: 6 minutes On this blog, the Stories Inc. team strives to continuously share with our community the most up-to-date and best employer branding resources for your own content creation strategies. Although we’re just a few months in for 2022, we’ve already received record hits and downloads of

DEI videos

The best diversity and inclusion videos

Reading Time: 11 minutes The best diversity and inclusion videos communicate an inclusive corporate culture by sharing employee experiences. Prove that your company values diversity, inclusion, and belonging by uncovering and amplifying a variety of employee voices from throughout your company. That’s the only way to prove your actions

how to create employee spotlights

How to Create Employee Spotlights

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our new guide shows you how to create employee spotlights that shine a light on your team members for employee and candidate engagement! Shine a spotlight on team members Employee Spotlights bolster employee engagement and raise your cultural profile among candidates.  But they can be so much

best employer brand content

Best employer branding projects to plan now

Reading Time: 7 minutes Start with one of these employee story content projects in your first 100 days in an employer branding job. (They’re also great ideas if you’re looking to shake up your culture content library and talk to candidates in new ways!)   Employer branding and recruitment marketing