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4 hiring manager videos candidates will love

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Candidates want to really see who they’ll be working for. These great hiring manager videos are examples of the content they’re seeking.

As a recruitment marketer, you understand the importance of your content stack. You need at-the-ready content that appeals to the universal, targeted, and personalized needs of candidates throughout the candidate experience. 

A surprise to no one: people want to meet their future boss. 53% of candidates said meeting with the hiring manager had the biggest impact on their interview experience (LinkedIn). Bring that impact to the beginning of the candidate experience by creating content specific to each hiring manager with hiring manager videos.

Candidates want to know:

1. Why they should do this work here.

The best candidates can put their technical skill set to work most anywhere. Why should they take the plunge with your company?

Ask hiring managers, “What is something that would happen here that wouldn’t happen anywhere else in the industry?”

For the CVS Health Merchandising team, the company’s scale and purchasing power gives team members a unique ability to innovate. Hear from two hiring managers here:

Jim sums it up best: the candidate that gets jazzed about the ability to mobilize around an innovative idea has the best chance of succeeding at CVS. Which leads us into our next hiring manager content theme…

2. What does success look like in this role, on your team?

This is a biggie for candidates. How will their future manager measure success, and how does that success impact the larger organization?

Push past numbers and lofty statements here: share a story that demonstrates what that success actually looks like and what it took to get there. 

For 24 Hour Fitness General Manager Arezoo Zand, success can look different every day — hitting your sales numbers, seeing members of your team grow, and transforming members’ lives, to name a few. She shares a story showcasing the latter below:

In this instance, success was defined by helping a member reach a huge personal milestone. An emotionally and physically strong trainer/member relationship was key to that success.

3. How do you invest in the professional growth of your team?

Beyond the day-to-day work, candidates are trying to gauge how they can expect to grow personally and professionally. Sharing career growth stories is a great way to show candidates what that path can look like.

Pro tip: support hiring manager content with stories from the team member who experienced the growth. Check out this example from CVS Health:

Jeff shares what made Ty such a great team member from the start: engaged, looking to innovate, and willing to challenge the status quo. Ty supports this by sharing how he pushed automation, and how he quickly has grown to lead a team that is 25 strong.

4. What will you be like to work with!?

You don’t need to be best friends with your boss…but you don’t want to live in fear of an elevator ride alone with them either.

Help candidates gauge compatibility by showing off your hiring manager’s personality. Added bonus: getting a feel for the hiring manager before the interview can calm some nerves, and lead to a more productive conversation. 

Meet one of our Stories Inc. co-founders (and manager), Scott:

Hiring manager content is one great way to personalize your culture communication to candidates, but don’t stop there! Download our content kickstarter below to learn more about team storytelling content: