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How to Create A Year of Content in One Day

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Content is king. Don’t we hear that all the time in marketing?

What’s left out though is how hard it can be to consistently create good content. Whether it’s for social media, video, or a blog, being able to make great content hinges on one thing: solid stories. And this is especially true for content that aims to communicate company culture. 

There is a way to find a year of content through one day of filming. And we’re here to tell you how.

Identify your content strategy and content needs

Before even hiring a videographer to capture stories, you should first create a content strategy for the year. This will inform your content themes for interviews and outline the type of assets you need across your channels.

Your strategy should consider things like:

  • Company milestones: Is your company celebrating a significant anniversary? Possibly going public?
  • Company culture: What messages are missing from your current content? What misconceptions do people have about your organization?
  • Employee celebrations: Write down the diversity & inclusion days and months you want to celebrate. What about rewards and recognition throughout the year?

A thorough content audit can help you identify gaps and set the stage for what you need to create. Once this upfront work is complete, you should have a list of themes and topics that will inform your interview questions and who you want to interview.

Select storytellers and uncover their stories

Now is when the real fun starts!

At Stories Inc., our typical interview day includes filmed interviews with eight storytellers who spend 20-25 minutes in conversation about their experiences. That’s 200 minutes of interview footage!

The best way to maximize those 200 minutes is to choose storytellers who’ve had a variety of experiences in your company. 

That could look like a female engineer who leads an employee resource group, and has taken advantage of a key benefit program. This one storyteller can answer questions about innovation in tech, being a woman in tech, advancing diversity and inclusion, being supported through a life experience, and so much more.

Knowing your storytellers’ backgrounds can help you tailor questions to each individual, ensuring your interviews are focused on the topics they care most about. And this guarantees meaningful stories.

Oh, and don’t forget to capture b-roll during your filming day! You’ll want this type of footage to bring your stories to life in a visually interesting way. 

Match the footage with your content themes

Once interviews are complete, it’s time to match the stories to your content themes and needs. While you have video footage, all of the interview content can be repurposed for any type of asset from blog posts to social media copy. 

And since you did such a great job planning your strategy and identifying your content gaps, you can easily see how different stories will come to life through different types of assets.

Okay, we may have fibbed a little, too. You obviously can’t create a year of content in one day including the asset creation part. But, setting yourself up for success through the steps above means you can easily create a plan to execute quickly and efficiently. 

Can you really get a year of content from just one day of filming?

Yes! Finding a year’s worth of content with only one full day of filming is possible. 

When we met the team at One Technologies (OT) a few years ago, we knew their culture was special. And, our work together yielded a significant achievement: one year of content in one day.

Through interviews with 13 enthusiastic storytellers—with diverse perspectives and engaging, specific stories—we were able to bring the company’s values to life. It was clear how much these people really loved their coworkers and workplace, and their stories provided a holistic and authentic look at what differentiates OT from other companies. 

In just one day of filming, we helped the OT team create:

  • 27 videos
  • A photo library of more than 500 images
  • 6 blog posts
  • 5 social graphics
  • 1 job description infographic  

We initially created two videos and the team loved what they saw so much they opted to maximize the content and create 25 additional videos. We returned for a half day at OT’s office to capture additional b-roll, but the previously captured interviews contained enough stories for 25 more videos.

Some quick math:

  • Thirteen interviews at 20 minutes = 260 minutes of interview footage
  • 27 videos ranging from 1-3 minutes each = 50 minutes of produced video content
  • Remaining footage that can still be used to create other content = 80%!

It just takes a day

Your time is precious, so why waste it? Turning one day of filming into a year’s worth of content frees up your time to do so much more with your job. Which means an even greater business impact.

Do you have a day in mind? Reach out to talk about how the Stories team can help you capture high-quality and high-quantity content.