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One year of content in one day

Reading Time: 4 minutes

When we met the team at One Technologies (OT) , we knew their culture was special. And, our work together yielded a special achievement: one year of content in one day.

We strive to make the Stories Inc. process easy for you, and collaborate as an extension of your team. This was exactly what happened in our employer brand and recruitment marketing content work for OT. We captured a multitude of stories that give a holistic and authentic look at what differentiates OT from other companies.

One Technologies content in one day

Through interviews with 13 enthusiastic storytellers with diverse perspectives and engaging, specific stories, the company’s values were brought to life. It was clear to the Stories Inc. team how much these people really loved their coworkers and workplace, and their stories provided a holistic and authentic look at what differentiates OT from other companies. 

The first content we delivered

The Stories Inc. team took that footage and first produced two videos: a company culture video, and a technology team-specific video.

Additionally, we delivered a photo library with more than 500 high-res images from the day. And, we developed six blog posts, five social graphics and a job description infographic.

They requested 25 more videos 

OT loved what they saw so much that they opted to maximize the content and had us create 25 additional videos, on top of the first two! We returned for a half day at OT’s office to get some additional broll. However, our previously-captured day of interviews from team members containted enought stories for those 25 more videos. That’s right, 27 videos from one interview day!

At Stories Inc., we really can capture for you one year of content in one day. 

We produced one video per storyteller, as well as themed videos about the particular culture of the company and its core values. One surprising video that we delievered was the “Three Words” video.  Each storyteller shared three words that describe life at the company. The answers ranged from sweet to just plain funny. Admittedly, this was our usual style (it doesn’t have our 8 elements of a story), the compilation of different team members’ words together create a picture of company culture. 

Beyond employer brand 

Because we’re in the business of stories, we are passionate about producing quality content, and we know how to make the most of recruitment budgets (and one interview day). That said, there’s always room for creativity. What if you could use employee stories for both your consumer marketing and recruitment marketing? We recommended to OT that the content we  created for their employer brands would also be compelling content for their consumer audience. Stories are versatile, purposeful and repurposeful! 

stories case study for employer brand content

OT certainly could use the content we created for both their consumer brand channels, as well as their employer brand. 

It just takes a day

So, what can we do with one day? As it turns out, a lot! 27 videos, six blog posts, 500+ images, social media graphics, social videos, an infographic—enough content to last for months to come! Give us a day.

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