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One Technologies

One Technologies employer brand content case study by Stories Incorporated.

The initial project

Stories Incorporated conducted and professionally filmed a series of interviews with a diverse slate of employees. We uncovered anecdotes that best tell the One Technologies (OT) story. This engaging content serves to attract new candidates, inform their employer brand, and manage online reputation.

Drawing on the stories uncovered during the interview process, Stories Incorporated created content about what it’s like to work at OT. We were assisted by OT’s Director of Content, who put so much care into our shoot. He even sent photos of all the storytellers and suggested good places in the workplace for filming. And, he orchestrated some of the perks that make OT a great place to work. For example, he ordered breakfast for employees and planned an office popcorn party on filming day. These are regular events at OT, so scheduling them for when the cameras were rolling helped us capture the team members enjoying where they work.

Capturing stories from the team

We interviewed 13 bright, energetic people with diverse perspectives on what makes OT tick. They were able to bring the company’s values to life through thoughtful stories and anecdotes. It was clear to our entire team how much these people really loved their coworkers and workplace.

The footage we captured was packed with stories that give a completely holistic and authentic look at what differentiates OT from other companies.

The first content delivered: videos, blogs, photo library, social graphics, infographic 

The Stories Inc. team took that footage and first produced two videos: a company culture overview video, and a technology-specific video.

Additionally, we delivered a photo library with more than 500 high-res images from the day. And, we developed six blog posts, five social graphics and a job description infographic.

One Technologies requested 25 more videos

OT loved what they saw so much that they opted to maximize the content and had us create 25 additional videos, on top of the first two! We returned for a half day at OT’s office to get some additional broll. However, our previously-captured day of interviews from team members containted enought stories for those 25 more videos. That’s right, 27 videos from one interview day! One day really can fuel a year (or more) of content, especially with thoughtful planning and execution.

We produced one video per storyteller as well as themed videos about the various perks and core values that OT holds dear. One surprising video that was the “Three Words” video. We asked each storyteller to share three words that describe life at the company. The answers ranged from sweet to just plain funny. While this was not the typical Stories Inc style (it doesn’t have our 8 elements of a story), the compilation of different team members’ words together create a picture of company culture.

We also developed a 30-second, social media-friendly, shorter version of the video that has performed extremely well on OT’s social channels.

Consumer content and employer brand content 

Because we’re in the business of stories, we are passionate about producing quality content and know how to make the most of recruitment budgets (and a single interview day!). That said, there’s always room for creativity— what if you could use employee stories for both your consumer marketing and recruitment marketing? We recommended to OT that the content we  created for their employer brands would also be compelling content for their consumer audience. 

We are proud to have helped One Technologies by not only delivering 27 videos, six blog posts, 500+ images, social graphics, social vidoes and an infographic. We are also delighted to have provided OT—from just one day of interviews!—enough stories content for an entire year on their employer brand channels. And, stories that they can repurpose for more uses, too. 

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