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Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) Calendar for 2024

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Our most popular download is back! Get your updated DEI Calendar for 2024.

For culture communicators and people leaders, cultivating an inclusive workplace is a year-round priority. Employee stories — shared internally with employees and externally with candidates — is the best way to show proof of how your culture supports team members from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.

Effective DEI communications need to be both timely and timeless: celebrating Black History Month in February and show how your culture supports Black employees all year long; honoring the experience of LBGTQ+ colleagues during Pride month as well as July, August, and September.

Why You Need a Diversity and Inclusion Calendar

As you create your DEI content plan, the key is to capture stories from team members across all backgrounds, with an eye on the annual celebrations throughout the year. From Mental Health Awareness Month to Equal Pay Day, identify the holidays that matter most to your employee base and talent goals.

Are you looking to attract more veterans to your company? Increase women in leadership? Black technologists?

While it will be important to build trust with these groups throughout the year, taking care to celebrate cultural milestones important to each of these groups is another way to foster connection. Sharing stories on specific holidays honors each group and shows how your culture is prepared to support their unique needs.

A calendar allows you to identify these holidays in advance, partner with ERGs and other internal partners, and more strategically create a content library that will help you reach your DEI goals.

Download the DEI Calendar for 2024 today: