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Employee Storytelling Projects to Start Next Year

Reading Time: 5 minutesThere’s always a balancing act to the last three months of the year. You’re focused on executing on goals for this quarter, but you’re also planning for 2023. That’s why employee storytelling projects get a lot of love this time of year. Whether you’re making an impact before the end of the year, or thinking about smart ways to use 2022’s surplus budget, uncovering and amplifying your employee stories is always a good idea.  Here are some great employee storytelling projects that will spend both your limited time and money wisely. These culture communications projects will yield you content that raises brand awareness, reinforces culture with employees, and engages candidates! 

Update Your Visuals: Show Today’s In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Employee Experience 

We know you’re in need of visuals that reflect your new reality of work. Images and videos that best show candidates the workplace – whether that’s in the office, home, or both – is important. For good examples, check out our post about creating content that shows candidates the hybrid and remote employee experience today. But, you really should both show and tell here through visuals!  If your organization has made a decision to return to the office, use employee stories that best communicate how your company works, collaborates and builds relationships. We helped First Solar communicate its hybrid work options through specific stories from their remote and on-site team members, woven together.

Bring to Life your Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Progress and Plans 

This year, 40 percent of organizations are expanding their DEI programs and increasing their hiring of DEI talent. In fact, eight out of ten DEI roles have been hired in the last 18 months.* This points to the critical emphasis companies are placing on DEI. Many companies have started their inclusion transformations… and this progress should be shared with candidates and employees alike.  For several years, we’ve worked with AstraZeneca to capture stories that communicate the pharma leader’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Here’s an example of content we developed for AstraZeneca’s Oncology Business Unit to show exactly how this department prioritizes DEI. Learn about how to use employee stories to communicate DEI in our on-demand webinar with AstraZeneca’s DEI and employer brand leaders, and explore more of our DEI content resources

Activate Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) 

For many organizations, this past year included an EVP refresh to better reflect company culture in 2022 and beyond. Now it’s time to activate! As always, employee stories are the best way to activate your EVP and show proof of culture pillars in action.  Lockheed Martin asked Stories Inc. to capture employee stories that activated the EVP and its pillars. We interviewed 30 storytellers across eight business areas and worldwide locations. All of these employee storytellers shared compelling, personal stories of how they have experienced life at Lockheed Martin.  Learn more about this project in our Lockheed Martin case study, and take a deeper dive into how stories activate EVP in our comprehensive guide.  

Recognize Deskless Team Members (and recruit more!)

Deskless workers make up 80 percent of the world’s workforce. As companies are coming to a return to office decision for knowledge workers, we’re seeing focus shift to driving recruitment, engagement, and retention for essential workers.  We’ve been honored to uncover stories from healthcare workers at several major medical centers and hospitals, including Ochsner Health, Louisiana’s largest hospital system. Our work with Ochsner over the last three years has included capturing the stories of many of their physicians, medical technicians, and nurses. Ochsner uses these stories to communicate their culture of care to candidates.  Learn more about how we’ve captured employee stories for medical, hospitality and more industries’ deskless talent in our case study library

Want Stories Inc.’s help starting one of these employee storytelling projects? We’d love to help. 

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