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Attracting Early Career Talent Around the World

When Intel wanted to engage its 100,000 early career talent community, they partnered with Stories Inc. An email nurture campaign driven by employee stories resulted in the most successful email campaign of the year based on applications.

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Since 1968, Intel has been changing the world by developing ground-breaking technologies while creating an entrepreneurial culture.

As a world-leading innovator, Intel was one of the first companies to recognize the importance of employer branding and recruitment marketing. Today they have a sophisticated global recruitment marketing and employer brand team that work together to attract, convert, and retain tens of thousands of employees every year.

The Intel recruitment marketing team wanted to engage their existing, passive early career talent pipelines.

Intel had been using its talent community only to push out job alerts. With more than 110,000 early career professionals subscribed to their talent community, Intel realized this was a missed opportunity to communicate culture and drive engagement with this key early career audience.
With that goal in mind, Intel set out to create an early career recruitment campaign that would drive engagement and applications with their Gen Z audience.

Using employee stories to create an early career recruitment campaign.

Intel wanted to create a multi-email nurture campaign highlighting early career professionals thriving at Intel. Each email would contain videos, blog posts, and interactive digital content all rooted in employee stories. The content would also be repurposed across Intel’s many talent channels to maximize engagement with early career talent.
Stories virtually interviewed 13 early career professionals, strategically selected to mirror the candidates Intel was looking to attract: global technical talent ready to make an impact. The storytellers were located in eight different countries around the globe. Their roles ranged from engineering to marketing to supply chain.  
Over the course of the storyteller interviews, three themes emerged as distinct aspects of an early career experience at Intel:

-There are many ways to launch a career at Intel
-Opportunities to innovate as an early career professional
-International opportunities

These themes would serve as the topics for each of the three emails in the early career recruitment campaign.
Watch some of the Intel videos here.

With the three themes identified, Stories Inc. got to work creating early career content for the nurture campaign.

The Intel and Stories partnership has produced:


  • Six employee spotlight videos in the native language of the storyteller
  • Three blog posts
  • One interactive global story map
  • One interactive quiz: What Type of Intel Innovator Are You?

The early careers recruitment campaign ran from August through September, during peak early career recruiting season. The campaign’s success would be measured against industry benchmarks established by their CRM.
After being sent to 118,000 early career professionals in Intel’s talent community, the campaign results were:


  • 50% open rate (Benchmark: 25%)
  • 7% click rate, resulting in more than 25,000 clicks (Benchmark: 6%)
  • Interactive quiz taken more than 1,300 times

This campaign was the most successful email campaign that year, measured by number of applications driven.
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Example of quiz results a candidate would receive, accompanied by an employee story.