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EBOOK: Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing ROI

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Getting Buy-In for Your Employee Story Project, is seriously the ultimate guide to employer branding and recruitment marketing ROI.

We see you, employer branding and recruitment marketing pros. There’s a thousand little things you need to do to get in front of and influence candidates, all of which matter in the moment, and also add up over time. And, as if that wasn’t a big enough job (or jobs, plural!), you also need to prove to others why employer branding and recruitment marketing matters to your company.

Communicate & Calculate Recruitment Marketing ROI

Our ebook shows you how to communicate the ROI of the employee story projects that are essential to your success. Inside you’ll find…

  • Guidance on getting buy-in from leadership
  • Data you can use
  • How to measure employer branding and recruitment marketing ROI
  • Tools for building a business case for your project
  • Solutions for your pain points and content examples to get you started

ROI Calculator, Presentation Deck Template, Worksheets & More

Plus, we developed special resources for communicating your needs and making a case for your project, including…

  • ROI calculator (inspired by one we liked from SelectSoftware Reviews)
  • Buy-in presentation deck templates
  • Marketing metric checklist
  • ROI worksheet
  • Infographics

In short, you get everything you need for skillfully and thoroughly presenting proof of need and gaining budget for your recruitment marketing project.

Download the ebook!