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The Knot Worldwide

The Knot Worldwide builds brand awareness using employee stories

When The Knot Worldwide needed to update its candidate and employee experience, they turned to Stories Inc. In a few short months, they had culture content that outperformed expectations both internally and externally.

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The Knot Worldwide’s (TKWW) global family of brands provide best-in-class products, services and content to take celebration planning from inspiration to action.

The core of TKWW business is their industry-leading global online wedding Vendor Marketplace, connecting couples with local wedding professionals and a comprehensive suite of personalized wedding services.
TKWW has over 2,000 team members working in more than 16 countries. Roles at TKWW span sales, operations, marketing, engineering and more.

TKWW had internal and external reasons to create content using employee stories.

TKWW’s annual company meeting was missing a key element: sharing their team members’ stories and how they impact the company mission. TKWW wanted to create a series of culture videos to celebrate their people during their annual event.
TKWW also had an identity problem: candidates thought they planned weddings. They needed to eliminate candidate confusion so the right talent could opt in.

“To be able to tell a full story of what it’s like to work at The Knot Worldwide is almost impossible without help.”

-Alex Wallace, Talent Brand Manager

TKWW partnered with Stories Inc. to create a content library of employee story content. The content would be played at their annual meeting and used in employer branding and recruitment marketing campaigns.
The partnership began with one interview day in New York, interviewing eight people across different parts of the business to create three culture videos. The interviews also included four global team members who were interviewed remotely.
After the successful launch of the initial content, TKWW brought Stories Inc. back a few months later to interview seven more employees in Washington, DC. The stories went even deeper to create video content around topics like belonging, social impact, collaboration, and a focus on their vendor relationships to highlight the full scope of their work.
TKWW now has a partner who understands their business, their teams and the goals they have for both candidate and internal engagement.
Watch some of TKWW videos here.

“The reason why we even hired Stories was to improve our brand awareness and now we have the actual analytics to match that. It absolutely was a return on our investment that we will make over and over again.”

Alex Wallace
Alex Wallace
Talent Brand Manager

“The post-production experience was so quick and Stories hit every single deadline. I got goosebumps every single time I saw the videos.”

-Alex Wallace, Talent Brand Manager

The TKWW and Stories partnership has produced:

  • Four compilation videos with a focus on culture, professional growth and social impact
  • One account executive employee spotlight
  • One social impact program employee spotlight
  • One photography vendor spotlight

TKWW launched a five-day culture campaign leading up to their annual meeting, and premiered three of the culture videos live at the event.
Over the course of the three-day event, the initial three videos had over 50 hours of watch time, and counting.
The videos continue to be shared on TKWW channels and by individual team members on a regular basis.
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Watch all the videos on our YouTube channel.

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