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Best employer branding resources of 2022 (so far)

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On this blog, the Stories Inc. team strives to continuously share with our community the most up-to-date and best employer branding resources for your own content creation strategies. Although we’re just a few months in for 2022, we’ve already received record hits and downloads of our new and updated articles. Here are the most popular resources shared so far in 2022. 

1. 12 Leading Storytelling Strategies for 2022 

In 2021, Stories Inc. grew in size and capabilities. We leveled up and adapted our storytelling strategies to accommodate more employees working virtually, global companies with employees scattered across continents, and prioritize safety in a pandemic. As a result, our strategies expanded, yet the fundamentals of stories that communicate real culture stayed the same. 

This in-depth article outlines and shares these next-level storytelling practices for your own content creation use. 

2. Best Diversity and Inclusion Videos 

Even in 2022, most organizations’ “diversity content” is created using stock photos and videos, EEO statements, and non-specific, jargony messages from leadership. But we know that the best diversity, equity and inclusion aren’t vague or impersonal. They show what your company does specifically to create an inclusive environment and increase diversity, proven by employee stories. 

We recently updated this roundup of some of the best examples out there of companies’ diversity and inclusion videos.  

3. Top 10 Recruitment Marketing Stories to Capture Now 

So much has changed at work over the past two years. Right now, candidates are searching for a culture that offers what their current workplace lacks. Aspects of culture like flexibility, inclusion, purpose, hybrid/remote options, great benefits and more are priorities for candidates. So, if your culture has a progressive culture, it’s critical that you bring it to life with stories. Here are the top 10 stories to share with candidates in the Great Reshuffle

4. Diversity and Inclusion Content Calendar

This resource listing the key cultural celebrations and observances of 2022 has hundreds of downloads! Don’t miss out on a chance for your company channels to honor underrepresented groups and take part in important DEI conversations all year long.

5. Best Employer Branding Projects to Start Now 

If looking to make a big impact, quickly, in your role as an employer branding leader, here’s where you can start. We outline the employee story content projects that will help you tune in to your company culture, build relationships with collaborators in your organization and gain momentum with early wins! Plus, each content project suggestion has actionable examples, like this example of effective team storytelling. 

6. What Boomerang Employees Say About Your Employer Brand 

More employees are returning to managers, cultures, and companies they left. Boomerang employees show proof of an employer brand so strong that it attracts an employee twice.

Check out these effective ways to build boomerangs back into your talent attraction and recruiting strategy.

7. Top 10 Tips for the Best Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Marketing

The guide details how to capture and amplify your team members’ perspectives and stories in order to answer the diversity, inclusion and belonging questions your audiences need answered. The DEI recruitment marketing guide breaks down and provides actionable examples of these 10 strategies: 

8. Who Do People Trust Most? Employees 

Using the latest data from the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, we show how to earn candidate trust through employee stories, the most effective way to encourage talent to take the next step in the application process. Through content focusing on stories from real employees, candidate engagement and connection with your employer brand increases. 

9. Job-related content less effective than employee story culture content

There are lots of open positions right now, and job posting content is up … way up. However, people and culture content postings are down 40 percent! The deluge of job listings are taking up all space where stories and culture content should be. And as Rally Inside’s candidate engagement data shows, this tactic is having the opposite intended effect. 

According to Rally Inside’s data-driven recommendations, stories of people in your company are the answer to increasing candidate engagement now. We break down the content that is working to attract talent in 2022.

10. The Best Company Careers Blogs

Candidates are searching for whether or not they will fit in with the team. They want to know if company values align with theirs, and what a day in the life will look like in a specific job. So, they turn to Google. The vast majority of your candidates are searching online — 75 percent of candidates seek out information about your company before applying, and 52 percent of candidates come to your career site for that info. A careers blog is both candidate information and SEO gold! Check out how the best careers blogs captivate candidates.

Want to get started creating great employer branding content ASAP? We can help!