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Job-related content less effective than employee story culture content

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As if culture communication and talent attraction wasn’t bananas enough right now, check out this new finding regarding job postings vs. employee story culture content:

Employers are promoting more jobs, more frequently … but candidates are responding less. 

Rally Inside’s data analytics discovered this important insight and surprising shift in the effectiveness of talent attraction activity and content. And, these changes in what’s working to engage candidates have just taken hold very quickly — since the new year began. 

Rally Inside is a tool that empowers talent attraction teams to measure the effectiveness of each piece of content they publish. After looking across all their clients, Rally Inside found that recruitment marketers were publishing 21 percent more about open jobs, careers at the company, benefits and internships. However, candidate engagement with this jobs-focused content decreased by 62 percent when compared to engagement in the last five weeks of 2021. 

Companies are forgetting the power of employee story culture content 

In their rush to fill so many open positions, company channels are focusing on jobs content. People and culture content postings are down 40 percent! The deluge of job listings are taking up all space where stories and culture content should be. And as the candidate engagement data shows, this tactic is having the opposite intended effect. 

The good news: Stories are more effective than ever 

Posting jobs content in lieu of stories is a huge missed opportunity. According to Rally Inside, stories of people in your company — employees, leadership, hiring managers — are receiving double the engagement they were in Q4 2021. 

And, engagement with culture content in particular is up by 174 percent, when compared to the end of 2021. In fact, when you compare culture and stories content to jobs content, stories and culture communications receive, on average, 47 percent more engagement.

Individual job postings performance lower than teams content 

Another interesting finding: Rally Inside reports that their users have been promoting 47 percent more content about individual jobs than they did in December, but this content is receiving 35 percent less engagement. 

However, promoting opportunities at the team level — e.g. promoting Tech careers at your company instead of individual technology jobs — is receiving 70 percent more engagement over individual jobs or careers in general. 

What works: Team storytelling 

Candidates today want to know what’s unique about a specific small group experience within the context of the larger organization and how they’ll fit in. Through team storytelling content, you can communicate the culture of a department or team to candidates. You’ll show them how the team experience reflects the overall employee experience, and how the values of a team reflects the value of the company. 

Thanks to Rally Inside and the Rally Recruitment Marketing team for sharing this insightful data.