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Top 10 Recruitment Marketing Stories to Capture Now

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Stories Incorporated — experts in recruitment marketing stories told through videos, blogs, social posts and more — shares the top recruitment marketing stories for connecting with candidates in 2022.

What does your culture offer that candidates in 2022 are looking for

So much changed at work over the past two years. And in 2022, candidates are searching for a culture that offers what their current workplace lacks. That could be:

  • Flexibility
  • Inclusion
  • Purpose and passion
  • Hybrid and remote options 
  • Proven commitment to diversity and equity 
  • Progressive benefits 
  • Real compassion and care 

If your culture has one or more of these, it’s critical that you show it to candidates and bring it to life through stories. 

Stories from team members are the best way to give candidates real proof that your workplace has not only their desired role, but gives them the aspects of culture they’re looking for in 2022.

It’s time to create your best recruitment marketing content ever through stories!

Get our guide that outlines how to get the top 10 stories that appeal to candidates today.