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Author: storiesincorporated

Loews Hotels & Co.

Reading Time: 14 minutes Since acquiring their first hotel over 70 years ago, the family-owned Loews Hotels & Co has maintained a strong presence in the high-end luxury hotel market. But in 2016, Loews’ leadership realized that having a stellar consumer reputation wasn’t enough. They knew the team member

workplace culture

GUIDE: Ask these 3 Questions to Capture your Unique Company Culture

Reading Time: 2 minutes We are experts at getting stories that communicate workplace culture. If recruitment marketing, employer branding and talent acquisition professionals can more accurately describe their employee experience, talent can make better career choices, and as a result our collective work experiences improve. (Oh, and this impacts

words to describe company culture

Words to Describe Company Culture: We’re Like Family

Reading Time: 3 minutes We think it’s wonderful when team members we interview describe their company culture as being a family. That’s a great thing to feel, and we’re happy your company is creating an environment where your employees are supported. The problem is, that statement gives candidates zero

Courageous Leadership at CVS Health

Reading Time: 5 minutes We attended the WorkHuman conference this week and heard from Simon Sinek. He gave a great presentation using concepts from his new book, The Infinite Game (coming out in October 2018). He spoke about courageous leadership as one of several requirements an organization needs to

employee stories

Creating Compelling Recruitment Marketing Content from Employee Stories

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last December, Lauryn Sargent, co-founder of Stories Inc, took the stage at the RecruitDC conference to present on creating compelling and successful recruitment marketing content based solely on employee stories. Her presentation is chock-full of tips and tricks, but more importantly she shares the results

7 of the Best Company Culture Videos

Reading Time: 4 minutes We live in a media-saturated and information overloaded world. As we’re constantly scrolling through social media feeds, news reports, and more, we are changing the way our brains consume information. Our expectations for how we learn about new topics and ultimately make decisions is also

Business Development Internship

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stories Incorporated is a leader in the growing recruitment marketing industry. Based in Washington, DC, we help really great companies communicate and celebrate their culture by creating media inspired by true employee stories. Our content is used for recruitment marketing by some of the most innovative

candidate experience

The Stories Inc. Candidate Experience from a New Hire

Reading Time: 6 minutes Candidate experience. It’s a term you’ve probably heard thrown around in these parts a lot lately and in fact, if you search it now, you’ll have over 26 million results to search through, with some of the top results being answers to the simple query