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Best Manufacturing Recruitment Videos: Stories of the Year

Reading Time: 5 minutes Every year, we celebrate some of our favorite and best performing employee stories of the year.  In selecting this work, we consider the substance of the story, what it says about a corporate culture, trend or economic reality, and its overall content marketing performance. In this post,

Best employee stories 2023

The Best Employee Stories: 2023 Stories of the Year

Reading Time: 11 minutes To wrap up 2023, Stories Inc. celebrated some of the best employee stories we uncovered throughout the year and the talent brand best practices they teach us. To catch future campaigns like this in real time, follow along on our LinkedIn channel! From communicating hybrid

Employer branding trends for 2024

6 Employer Branding Trends to Know for 2024

Reading Time: 13 minutes 2024 content planning is upon us! As you set media budgets and priorities for the year ahead, it’s important to check in with greater employer branding trends. This way, your content strategy aligns with candidate expectations and keeps up with the competition.  You know we’ve

4 Reasons to Outsource Content Creation

Reading Time: 6 minutes Smart marketers outsource content creation to reach their recruitment marketing, employer brand, and culture communication goals. Keep reading to learn why. According to a 2023 Content Stadium survey, 85% of social recruiting respondents reported that they faced challenges when creating content (images and videos). 44%

Here’s What to Include in Your Employee Advocacy Training

Reading Time: 5 minutes You’ve gotten approval and budget to launch an employee advocacy program. Congratulations! It may feel like the hard part is over, but a new challenge has just begun: employee advocacy training and engaging your employees to become ambassadors of your brand. Any new (or existing)

dei calendar 2024

Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) Calendar for 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our most popular download is back! Get your updated DEI Calendar for 2024. For culture communicators and people leaders, cultivating an inclusive workplace is a year-round priority. Employee stories — shared internally with employees and externally with candidates — is the best way to show

The ROI of Employee Advocacy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Want to increase the ROI of employee advocacy at your company? Check out Stories Inc.’s newest course for employee advocacy program leaders and ambassadors: Building Your Confidence as an Employee Brand Ambassador. Employee advocacy — the practice of empowering and encouraging employees to be brand ambassadors

What is a Talent Magnet?

What is a Talent Magnet?

Reading Time: 4 minutes This piece is an excerpt from our download, How to Become a Talent Magnet. An engaged workforce is the secret to building a high-performing company. While this might seem obvious, for many years talent management and talent brand initiatives have been considered discretionary.  However, the

EBOOK: How to Become a Talent Magnet

Reading Time: 2 minutes Download our latest eBook, How to Become a Talent Magnet. This ebook was created in collaboration with Truist. Truist is a talent brand, experience, and marketing agency.  An engaged workforce is the secret to building a high performing company. Today’s leaders want a predictable, scalable, on-demand

How to Communicate Work-Life Balance with Stories

Reading Time: 6 minutes In this article we’ll show how employee stories can be used to communicate work-life balance and highlight paid time off. Employee stories are the best way to communicate organizational culture, both internally and externally. Specifically, they are very powerful when used to promote a policy,