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Best Manufacturing Recruitment Videos: Stories of the Year

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Every year, we celebrate some of our favorite and best performing employee stories of the year.  In selecting this work, we consider the substance of the story, what it says about a corporate culture, trend or economic reality, and its overall content marketing performance. In this post, we share the best manufacturing recruitment videos!

This year, manufacturers continued to face mounting challenges in manufacturing recruitment. With talent shortages and strikes dominating the headlines, they also needed to keep employees feeling valued and engaged. And, raising awareness for careers in skilled trades and differentiating themselves among other employers were also top of mind for leadership. 

Manufacturing Story of the Year: Stellantis’ “Meet the Makers” Series

That’s why three (!) of our Stories of the Year come from one of our most celebrated projects, the “Meet the Makers” series from global auto innovator and manufacturer, Stellantis.

We worked with their awesome internal communications team. “Meet the Makers” consisted of 28 videos, each featuring one front line worker or leader at the global automotive manufacturer. Compelling personal and professional stories from well-tenured employees are the heart of the series. And, because one of Stellantis’ differentiating features as an employer is their innovative manufacturing technology, we were sure to capture the environment as a secondary character. So, a thoughtful filming style, detailed broll and the right music also bring the viewer onto the manufacturing floor.

The intention behind the series was two-fold: by bringing these team member stories to life, team members were celebrated for their tenure and accomplishments. The series was a source of well-deserved employee recognition and engagement. Additionally, external audiences got an inside look at the meaningful manufacturing careers that exist at Stellantis. 

Additionally, these videos were shown on a screen inside the manufacturing plants. They were celebrated and well received by employees. That alone makes this project successful, but this series received a second life when shared on YouTube and LinkedIn. On social media, employees and external audiences engaged meaningfully with the media:

manufacturing recruitment stellantis

Watch three of the Stories of the Year award winners below!

Meet the Makers: Michael Vasily, Kokomo Engine Plant

“When I got to the crank line, I asked them what the hardest line was. Where I came from in transmission, I was the case line guru. I wanted a challenge.”

Michael’s story educates audiences about how challenging and meaningful careers can be in manufacturing, while affording the opportunity to raise his family. He also shows how Stellantis differentiates itself as an employer by giving employees global opportunities.

Upon reflecting on his 30+ year career, Michael shares: “Stellantis has afforded me a really cool career. I never imagined that I would be able to travel the world working for Stellantis. It’s phenomenal.”

Meet the Makers: Clint Walton, Kokomo Transmission Plant

“Most of my trade, I learned on the job. Some people go through college because that’s the way they see fit. But no, you don’t have to have it. You have to know yourself, what your talents are, and where you can use them.”

Clint’s story speaks to the next generation who may have never considered a career in manufacturing. Clint Walton’s story about his 29 years at Stellantis highlights why skilled trades is a fulfilling career for many.

Meet the Makers: Dina Green, Toledo Assembly Complex

“In a little secret room in the back, we built the new-style Wrangler from the ground up. We were the puzzle makers of the whole thing.”

In this employee spotlight, the viewer sees how Dina and her team assemble the Wrangler — supported by beautiful broll footage that highlights their expertise in action.  

We also learn how her team’s input was essential to building the next generation of the iconic vehicle. The message is clear: When you create a culture that empowers employees, they will deliver exceptional results. 

Congratulations, Stellantis, for being featured in three of Stories Inc.’s Stories of the Year! 

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