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4 Reasons to Outsource Content Creation

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Smart marketers outsource content creation to reach their recruitment marketing, employer brand, and culture communication goals. Keep reading to learn why.

According to a 2023 Content Stadium survey, 85% of social recruiting respondents reported that they faced challenges when creating content (images and videos). 44% cited content creation taking a lot of time to create as their top challenge, followed by lack of creative skills on the team (30%) and lack of time and resources (28%). 

As an employer brand and recruitment marketing content agency, these stats are unsurprising to our team at Stories Inc. We work with corporate marketing and employer branding teams every day. And, most marketing practitioners we know who have tried to create recruitment marketing content themselves don’t do it again… even when they have internal video production capabilities in-house, even when they’re great with a smartphone, even if a project sounds really fun to edit. 


Because outsourcing content creation often generates faster and better marketing results. Smart marketers don’t miss a chance to increase awareness, sway perception and build engagement amongst their audience. 

Here’s four reasons why you should outsource your recruitment marketing videos to an agency: 

#1 — You can launch faster 

There’s such a demand for video, that most of our clients need to get in line to use their in-house team. In our experience, talent marketing and employee engagement teams are often second banana to consumer marketing needs. 

Clients recognize that it’s simply faster to work with an outside agency who will prioritize their project and deliver quickly. Their internal video teams usually agree and support their choice. No one wants to stand in the way of getting work done, and often internal videographers can lend their expertise by being part of the partner vetting process. 

outsource content creation with Stories

#2 — Your content will resonate with your niche audience 

While internal video teams are great at what they do and are absolutely fantastic storytellers, their expertise is usually in marketing to customers. You may spend more time than you think educating them on your employer brand pillars and how to speak to employees and candidates. 

On the flip side, an agency who specializes in employee storytelling and creating culture content libraries immediately “gets it.” Understanding the audience is critical to the success of any content project, and an agency who not only understands an audience, but has seen what works and what doesn’t, is a huge value. They’ve nailed their niche and this expertise will translate into higher quality content that resonates more strongly with your audience.

#3 — You get the benefit of learnings and best practices from many other companies

When you work with an agency, you benefit from more than just their technical expertise. You are also able to tap into all they’ve learned from partnering with other in-house practitioners in your shoes. Some of these clients may have similar objectives and strategies as you (great) or they may approach culture communication in a completely different way (even better). The agency has developed a deep understanding of the industry over the years and is able to pass all they’ve learned onto you. 

For example, Stories Inc. worked with a gaming company that wanted to show the relationship between managers and team members. So together, we came up with a conversational style of filming that highlighted real relationships at work. This filming style is now a formal offering all of our clients can benefit from — tried and tested and ready to be executed.

#4 — You can focus on strategy, building audience engagement and getting results 

Creating good content takes a lot of time, and sometimes it takes a team to do it. It’s admirable if you want to take this on yourself, but it will likely take much longer than you think with an ok result. And then, you need to launch it, drive engagement, and measure results. 

When you outsource content creation to the right partner, you absolutely will still be involved. As an internal marketing, talent, or communications leader, you are responsible for the strategy, its execution, and results. By outsourcing the content creation, you’ll have more time to focus on long term results.

Smart marketers outsource content creation

Smart marketing and talent leaders know outsourcing content creation is a great hack to better and faster results and increased productivity. Hear directly from one of our clients about why they used a partner to create a video to attract engineers instead of doing it themselves.

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