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2021 Content Planning Guide and Worksheet

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As workplaces have changed this year, the content you create for candidates must reflect your new (virtual) reality. Enter the Stories Inc. Content Planning Guide and Worksheet for 2021.

The Stories Inc. content planning guides are must-have assets for talent professionals, thanks to our experience building project content scopes for leading employer brands. This year, we’ve updated our content planning guide to serve the unique candidate—and content—needs of 2021.

Plan your employer branding, recruitment marketing and employee engagement content for the year ahead. This guide will help you target talent with content that’s relevant to them. Some of our suggestions include:

  • universal culture content, to show what it’s like to work at your company regardless of location
  • core values stories
  • distributed team content
  • covid-19 response and support stories
  • how you’re keeping your employees physically safe and emotionally balanced
  • diversity, inclusion and belonging perspectives
  • …and more content ideas to inform and inspire!

The worksheet will help you think through the components necessary to bring your culture to life for candidates. And, the worksheet provides you with checklists of the different content types necessary to connect with your audiences.

Of course, we at Stories Inc. know employee stories are the most engaging content for candidates and employees. Right now, team members are working from home, during a pandemic, and living examples of your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Those real stories are the content that will strengthen your employer brand and communicate your culture now and throughout 2021.

Download the 2021 Content Planning Guide & Worksheet!