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The best photos for employer branding and recruitment marketing

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Does a photo really speak a thousand words? If it’s about your workplace, then yes!

Just like every other piece of recruitment marketing content you share with candidates, a photo lets candidates put themselves in the shoes of someone who works at your organization. They can envision themselves working there (or not, which is good too). Don’t miss this opportunity!

So, we pulled together our guide to the best employer branding photos. With these guidelines for capturing compelling images that communicate culture, you’ll be on your way to engaging candidates!

1. Ditch stock photos.

the best photos for employer brand

The best way to provide candidates with insight into your organization is to use real employees in your employer brand photography. Step away from the stock photography sites and capture real employees in their work environment.

2. Share photos that give insight into your culture.

The photos you choose to populate your career site and social channels should speak to what it is like to work at your organization. Quick pro tip: Don’t ask your photo subjects to dress up for photo day — tell them to come as they usually do. Even something as simple as how team members are dressed can demonstrate a lot about your culture to candidates.

3. Share photos of your workspace.

best photos for employer branding

Where you work is perhaps third only to “What you do” and “Who you do it with” on the list of candidate priorities. So, use photography to provide an authentic lens into your workspace — be that cubicles, a gym, or a factory — and better help candidates visualize themselves in your space.

4. Use photography to honor the hybrid employee experience

At Home Filming 5

If some or all of your workforce is working from home, honor the hybrid employee experience with at-home filming and photography. By incorporating images of hybrid employees in your employer brand content photography, you show candidates that your organization values this employee segment and is invested in their success.

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