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Why You Need At-Home Filming to Communicate Remote Work Culture

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Are you communicating your company’s remote work culture? Since 2020, remote and hybrid workers have become an increasingly important talent segment. In fact, a 2022 McKinsey study shows that a remarkable 58% of employed respondents—representing 92 million people from a cross section of jobs and employment types—report having the option to work from home for all or part of the week. 

What this means: If your company has committed to remote or hybrid work in 2023 and beyond, it is vital to create recruitment marketing and employer brand content that communicates your remote work culture. Just like any other talent group, the best way to do this is to interview remote and hybrid team members and uncover stories that represent their authentic experience working at your company. 

And what better way to showcase the hybrid and remote employee experience than conducting the employee interview at the storyteller’s home? In this post, you’ll learn why at-home filming and photography is an employee storytelling strategy that is here to stay!

At-home filming honors the work-from-home employee experience. 

Just like every other talent group, hybrid and remote team members want to see their perspectives represented in your employer brand content. Just as you would prefer to film a nurse in a hospital and a contractor on their construction site, interviewing work-from-home employees from their homes is the most authentic way to bring their employee experience to life. 

At-home filming also shows talent that your company values hybrid and remote workers. By capturing high quality video and images in their home—the same quality you’d capture in the office—you communicate to employees and candidates alike that leadership is invested in the long-term success of their distributed workforce.

In the video below, Tambre, a Cyber Security Engineer at Lockheed Martin, shares what flexible work has meant to her over her 19 years working for the company.  


At-home filming naturally showcases the whole person

Whether you work in-person or from home, talent is looking for insight into how working at your company will fit into their personal lives. Employee stories that highlight the whole person (and a step further, how the company culture empowers employees to be their authentic selves) give candidates the insight they need to make an informed decision. 

While it is possible to showcase the whole person no matter where you film, at-home filming gives you a real look into the storyteller’s families, pets, hobbies, and overall lifestyle. If the storyteller is comfortable doing so, take advantage of home-filming to visually capture how work life blends with personal life.

If your company has a global workforce, at-home filming is also a great way to highlight the global cultures in your organization in an authentic way. 

At-home filming shows how your culture is experienced by distributed teams

How do distributed teams in your company build relationships, experience career growth, and collaborate? While some organizations had established hybrid team cultures pre-2020, many companies have been building the plane as they fly when it comes to what culture looks like (and more importantly, acts like) when you all can’t gather by the water cooler. 

At-home filming is the most authentic way to capture the hybrid and remote experience

If your company has committed to hybrid and remote work for the long-term, at-home filming is the best way to honor the employee experience, celebrate authenticity and flexibility in your organization, and communicate what culture looks like for distributed teams in your organization. 

Want to learn more about how at-home filming and photography and how to work with Stories Inc.? Schedule time with us! Or, explore other filming styles to find the style that works best for your culture and content goals.