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Repurposing Content Across Social Media for Maximum Engagement

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Repurposing content to increase engagement

Your job candidates are hitting anywhere from 1 to 18 places in their process of researching your team and company. More likely than not, your social media profiles are one of those places and they’re looking to get an idea of what your culture is like but probably don’t want to see the same content over and over again from your Twitter to your Linkedin. Content is meant to be more than just viewed, it is meant to be engaged with by your intended audience.

This content can be repurposed and should be shared on multiple platforms. The more diverse the platforms, the further the content reaches and engages viewers. Finding the right platform for the right type of content is just another step to reaching potential candidates.


The best content that lives on Twitter are shorter videos and engaging images. Even if you don’t have shorter content, your longer-form content can be broken down into mini-campaigns to create buzz and traffic to the longer content.

Mini-campaigns can take the form of interesting quotes or soundbites, images with a graphic or infographics, or even gifs from longer videos. Since the posting rate is much higher on twitter, the content can be smaller subsections of bigger content to remain top of mind for the audience scrolling through their timeline. Using hashtags and polls that relate to the longer-form content can help direct traffic to the post and gain information on the people reading.

Plus, it creates the idea of a true campaign, where viewers can go back and search and find the content even if some time has passed since you published it.


Content on Facebook has to be more curated than Twitter. Facebook is best when posting once every day or so, but the messaging should be developed. Posts need to be more developed than twitter, but also should not require readers to click the “read more” button. This means the words need to be well chosen. As always videos perform best, but Buffer, the social media scheduling app, also found the videos that have an educational or entertainment aspect perform the best. Buffer focused more on the quality of the posts and cut the posting frequency by more than half. Amazingly, they still tripled their reach and doubled their engagement on posts!

Even if your content may not fit in this educational or entertainment category, repurposing stories can help find a way into this topic. We have stories about filming content that we repurposed to live on our website, to be a marketing campaign, and to fit in a job description. This content has an educational background to them for those interested in film. While the story was also repurposed to tell Christian’s entertaining story.

Repurposing stories that feature real employees and what they are doing will perform better than posts without a video or picture. If your content isn’t a great fit for Facebook, find curated content. It may not directly affect the reach of your content, but it does build page views and engagement. So when you do post your own content, the Facebook algorithms are working in your favor. Take a look at the success Buffer had.

The blue boxed posts are all curated content. This means their top 11 pieces feature 7 pieces of curated content. It might not directly drive traffic to their website, but it is certainly building a foundation for the pieces that they did create.


Almost all content can find a home on LinkedIn. Since the platform is both for Business to Business (B2B) and also for recruiting, different types of content ranging from industry news to blogs to personal pictures can be successful on the platform. The key is to keep the balance between the different types of content.

LinkedIn can be great for sharing blog content. By adding a personal statement in the caption, it can drive traffic to the blog and create personal connections between your employees and businesses or candidates. Industry news also shares your knowledge and credibility with both businesses and candidates. Providing insight into the industry helps prepare anyone for contact with your business. Even personal pictures do well because it gives insight into the employees who build the brand of the company.

Contrary to other platforms, a survey analyzing 3000 LinkedIn profiles show that embedded videos do not perform as well on LinkedIn! All platforms are different, so save the videos for Facebook or Twitter.

Almost all content can be successful, but it is important to keep rotating types of content to maintain engagement.


Instagram is great for videos and pictures, but not the best for longer written content. This is the best place to show off your content that features employee pictures and stories. Even better, have the employees post their own photos and repost them on a company page.

This helps balance the professional repurposed content with the transparent personal content. Unfortunately, links still cannot live in the post captions, but an important link can live in the profile’s bio.

One story with endless ways to tell it

Great content does not have to be a “one and done,” and it actually shouldn’t be. Content should be marketed and shared more than simply created. Repurposed stories can be used for many different types of content and across many different platforms.

Once the content is created, the promotion should work together to continue to drive traffic and engagement on various platforms all leading to your business site or career site. All it takes is a couple of days to make a year’s worth of content if it’s planned out well and spread across different platforms.