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Employer Branding Hashtags that are #KillingIt at Social Recruiting

Reading Time: 7 minutes

When candidates search social media for your company’s footprint, what will they find? There are tons of #Lifeat(your company name) posts circulating through the Twittersphere and Instagram world building a portfolio of employee experiences. Not only does this help bring employer branding to the younger generations, but social media recruiting can also turn people into customers and job candidates.

I say this from personal experience. While doing research on different companies’ social media accounts, I found myself thinking about using their product. With every, ‘Wow, I love what they are doing for their employees,” I also had a “I want to support a company that cares about their employees that much.”

While social media posts from employees can never replace longer, quality stories from employees, seeing employees consistently posting about their experience gives the story more leverage. Employers can influence the social media recruiting messaging by responding to posts and posting the longer, curated content created!

To really make your company stand-out in the crowded #Lifeat – vortex, companies are utilizing their own unique hashtags. We compiled seven companies who are #killing the social media game.

#BeMagenta / #AreYouWithUs

T-Mobile has an army of employee advocates using both (and even more) hashtags on twitter and Instagram. The posts range from events that people are working, selfies dressed in Magenta to decorated desks for birthdays. It speaks to the companies culture when thousands of employees are taking pictures and posting how they wear magenta on a normal day.


Dell doesn’t have a specific theme around their posts, it’s really just employees who are proud of what they are doing. From the posts that I have seen, it isn’t all work related, but it does show the pride that the employees have for their work. Big bonus: the curated content that Dell creates is being reposted by their employees. Now all of the videos and blogs created are reaching farther than if it just lived on the website.


Target encourages employees to volunteer in the community, which is often seen as a nice benefit. The hashtag has been used by thousands of employees showing off their love for target, the volunteer work that they are doing, and also shows the candidate that target lets them focus on what they are passionate about. Some were volunteering for races, others the United Way, some built parks, while others worked with children, either way the employees were able to showcase what they cared about.


TripAdvisor posts from their company accounts and encourages employees to post. There are tons of posts with cupcakes and party decorations for milestones that they have hit. They even had a gorilla themed engagement party. The other side of the posting comes from employees who are excited about the work they are doing and the people they are working with.


I know that some people don’t like animals, but having pets around can actually reduce stress levels! Since Purina is a pet food company, they allow pets in the office every day. This was by far my favorite hashtag to search. The entire feed is cute cats, dogs and even bunnies looking cute and like a boss. Purina really lives their values and promotes that through their employees, pets, and hashtags.


Zappos does an amazing job at transparently showing their culture on social media. While the @InsideZappos profile helps guide the conversations, the employees do most of the posting. Between sharing fun work days in the office to answering Q & A sessions, a prospective candidate gets a strong feel for what the company culture is.

No amount of employee advocacy will replace the need for longer, focused employee stories and a full employer branding strategy. However, branded company hashtags are a great way to promote the content companies do create for social media recruiting, and have employees chime in, too!

Employee generated content is a growing contributor to companies’ employer branding content and a branded hashtag, provides an aggregated place for that content to live while still providing real life insights into what it’s like to work there.