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Pride Month 2024: The Best Employee Story Content

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Employee stories are some of the best ways for companies to celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion moments. 

Pride month is one opportunity for organizations to highlight its people and programs that help LGBTQIA+ team members belong and thrive. Yet all too often, corporate messaging on platforms like LinkedIn during Pride Month lacks stories and substance. 

Amongst the rainbow logos and general sentiments of support, a few companies stood out for creating Pride content that shares team member experiences and reflects their support for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Companies with stand-out content during Pride Month 2024

All the companies below communicated their culture of support for the LGBTQIA+ community using employee stories and experiences. Their Pride Month 2024 content stood out for its authenticity, care, and commitment.

Siemens Healthineers: Stories that live on

Siemens Healthineers created a “Voices of Pride” page that shares the journey of four different employees. These stories are unique because they are continuations of earlier stories.

The updates show how their lives have changed since they shared their original stories. It’s a great way to communicate continued—not just one-time—support. 

The Knot Worldwide: Setting the tone at the top

Timothy Chi, The Knot Worldwide CEO, is an example of leader storytelling in action by sharing his company stance and commitment holistically. 

He communicates its commitment to marriage equality (talking to customers), the activities and organizations the company supports (talking to its larger community), promotes Pride content the company has produced (lifting his team up), and shares a video of employees at a Pride event (highlighting its people).

In less than 600 words, Chi set the tone at the top for TKWW’s commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community, both internally and externally.

KONE: Holding space for the story

Finland-based engineering company, KONE, embraced the power of video storytelling this year. KONE created a couple of videos shared on LinkedIn and the one that captured our attention is Céline’s story.

Céline tells her story of transitioning to Céline from Franz. Her approach to letting her colleagues and clients know? One-on-one conversations that took years. And resulted in more support than she could have imagined.

Kone also shares other team members’ stories here.

GM Financial: Behind the scenes at the Dallas Pride parade

Plenty of companies support Pride parades. And usually post a few photos of their team participating. 

GM Financial went one step further this year and interviewed their team during the parade to hear what participating meant to them.

This post is a great example of capturing content in the moment. The interviews, and footage of the parade, make you feel like GM Financial has created a culture where inclusion and belonging are important.

What stories will you tell?

Employee storytelling for diversity and inclusion initiatives is the most effective way to communicate company commitments. 

What content will you create for Pride Month 2025? We’re always here to help