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Ways your employer brand can celebrate Pride

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Innovative ways your employer brand can celebrate Pride and help LGBTQIA+ team members feel seen, heard, safe, and included.

Every June, we see more and more companies sharing substantive stories of the ways they’re celebrating Pride and their LGBTQIA+ team members. These organizations are going beyond redesigning logos in rainbow colors and releasing corporate statements endorsing Pride month. Although those measures are solid first steps, they shouldn’t be the only (or performative) actions a company takes to communicate that they stand up for their queer team members. 

Truly progressive companies are primarily concerned with creating a culture of belonging for their LGBTQIA+ employees. And, they’re communicating that real, 365-days-a-year support through sharing employee stories of Pride. 

In a society that has historically hidden the stories of gay, trans and non-straight individuals, to now honor and celebrate the experiences of these members of your team shows significant allyship

At Stories Inc., we are honored to capture the stories of LGBTQIA+ storytellers, bring their important stories to life, and help leading companies communicate these stories to their audiences. We get to uncover and produce these stories, and lead our partners in achieving authentic and impactful diversity and inclusion communications. And, we love sharing Pride stories on our own channels all year long. Through stories, we play a part in helping organizations, and our world, be more welcoming, inclusive, and safe for others. 

Of course, we are delighted whenever we see organizations sharing employee stories of Pride on their channels. Here, we’ve rounded up several ways that leading employer brands are sharing those stories and communicating allyship. Importantly, all of these companies involved their LGBTQIA+ team members and employee resource groups in determining the ways that they would show involvement in Pride Month. Those queer team members and communities endorsed the sharing of Pride stories on corporate channels as important ways to help employees feel seen, heard and valued. 

Capital One: Careers blog stories of Pride 

The Life at Capital One blog is full of diverse employee stories all year long, including the stories of their LGBTQIA+ team members. But in June, the blog focuses on Pride and communicating the ways that Capital One is working to create more inclusive spaces. There are stories of ways gay employees have been supported by their colleagues, culture and benefits and stories of belonging and progress from their Out Front Business Resource Group (BRG). One blog post featured stories from three LGBTQIA+ members of Capital One leadership who are out and sharing their full identities freely in their offices. Their stories show how they’ve been able to personally thrive in their work, create more inclusive spaces for their teams, and help Capital One drive changes across the organization.

Labcorp: Pride stories compilation video 

Labcorp’s mission is to “improve health and lives,” and that mission extends to helping their LGBTQ+ employees feel valued and cared for at work. To communicate this support, Labcorp virtually captured stories from several LGBTQ+ employees, adding photos and graphics to bring those important, personal stories to life. Labcorp’s compilation video shows that they’re working to create safe and affirming environments for their team members and patients. 

Cisco: Podcasting employee stories of Pride 

Cisco takes their “life at” communications to a whole new level, and even a whole new channel: they have a podcast “made by Cisconians for Cisconians!” Employees are the featured guests of all podcast episodes, and in June, all the conversations center on Pride and progress for queer employees. 

Hubspot: Professional Pride photos and stories on Instagram  

Hubspot honors queer HubSpotters on multiple channels in June, and all year long, but its sharing of employee stories on Instagram is especially innovative. They photographed team members who are helping build increased inclusion in the organization featuring the colors of the rainbow flag that represent their identities. They combined those photos with short stories and perspectives from those team members, and filled their Instagram grid with those employee stories all month long. The combination of visual and written stories, and the high visibility of the Instagram channel, made for an impactful campaign of diversity and inclusion. 

Walmart: Global celebrations of Pride on LinkedIn 

Although Pride Month began in the United States, Walmart is taking its celebration of LGBTQIA+ team members global. On their LinkedIn channel, they’re sharing employees’ Pride stories from all over the world. In doing so, they’re communicating to candidates and team members that working towards an inclusive workplace is important to the company, no matter the location

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More ways YOUR employer brand can celebrate pride

Every Pride story is unique, just like the employees who share them. If your company didn’t share these stories in June, you didn’t miss your chance to show LGBTQIA+ employees and candidates of your allyship — you can capture and communicate these stories any time of year. Download our guide, Top 10 Tips for Communicating a Diverse and Inclusive Culture, to get started!