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Employer branding competitive advantage: employee stories

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Employee story content is always an employer branding competitive advantage. This is an excerpt from our new ebook, Getting Buy-In for Your Employee Story Project, The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing ROI.

It’s critical for your company leadership to understand how talent brand and recruitment marketing work impacts profitability, productivity, and contributes to culture. Additionally, leaders care how your company stacks up against the competition. So, when building a business case for a culture content project, show leadership the effectiveness of other companies’ efforts.

What type of information is convincing? Anything that demonstrates how your company’s recruitment marketing and employer brand content is lagging behind your top three, five, or ten competitors. Things like:

How your Glassdoor profile stacks up

Of course, it’s important for leadership to see how your ratings compare with your competitors. And, by maximizing the spaces Glassdoor provides companies to curate your employer brand story, you can update your Glassdoor page content quickly. Show how competitors are using culture content on Glassdoor to tell a better company story in their profile and updates.

What your career site says about you

Do your competitors have rich storytelling embedded in their site? Do they use real employee photos instead of stock photography? Are there different paths for different roles so that an engineer sees engineering content and a sales professional sees sales content? Show what great career site content looks like and why yours may not be up to par anymore!

Your company story on social

The amazing thing about social media is that you can see its impact directly in the post. Look around at your competitors [email protected] channels and pull out the content with high engagement rates. Show how something you aspire to (like using employee stories in video) engages an audience more than what you’re currently limited to using (like stock photography, or outdated content from that one employer branding project you did three years ago).

Interested in capturing stories from your team members?

Insight from vendors

Ask around. The same vendors who are trying to sell you recruitment marketing tech or advertising can give you some information into how other companies in your industry are meeting the challenges you have. While they might not be able to give you specific company names, you’ll still look like an insider when talking to your leadership if you know what the movers and shakers are doing

Employee stories are a competitive advantage

An employee story content project provides your company with an employer branding competitive advantage. It’s an investment that increases brand awareness, helps define your culture and unique value proposition, and targets specific talent. These are benefits that gets leadership excited and ready to fund.

Employee stories are the basis for the best recruitment marketing content. They are proofs of real culture — you can’t argue with someone’s experience. And, what your company has done to improve the personal and professional lives of your employees is powerful, memorable and engaging marketing content.

Now, all you need is help building your business case for your employee story project. The resources in our ebook are just the ticket! 

Our ebook shows you how to communicate the ROI of the employee story projects that are essential to your success. Plus, inside you’ll find special resources for communicating your needs and making a case for your project, like a custom ROI calculator and presentation deck template for presenting to leadership. 

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