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What’s missing from your Glassdoor company profile: stories

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Peter Jennings is currently the sales lead at Stories Inc. and he formerly consulted employers at Glassdoor for three years. Here he shares the best content for Glassdoor company profile pages: stories you’ve captured from your employees.

Every company has its own story and employee experience, and candidates want to learn as much about you as possible. And, it’s up to you to share your unique culture by bringing forward the stories from your people. Then, team members will feel more seen and they’ll continue to provide constructive and informative feedback. As a result, a virtuous cycle of communication is created. 

Therefore, the most important thing to communicate on your Glassdoor company profile and other employer review sites is your real company culture. Team members’ stories, presented front and center in rich media, are your employer brand. And, they’re exceptionally powerful in tandem with honest reviews on employer review sites. 

Curate your stories

Your Glassdoor company profile is the ideal place for content that shares your culture, employee experience and values with candidates in robust, compelling ways. I worked at Glassdoor for three years, speaking with talent leaders from all over. And, the companies that consistently seemed to bear the best results were the ones that took time to showcase their values and purpose beyond the reviews.

Yet, Glassdoor company pages populated with boring boilerplate and dominated by former employee reviews are all too common.

Your Glassdoor profile is a missed opportunity to share your culture, employee experience and values with candidates. 

Right now, employees past and present are sharing it for you. 93 percent of Glassdoor reviews discuss company culture, indicating how important it is to them. In the absence of onsite interviews post-COVID-19, candidates who make it that far in the process aren’t able to visit. They can’t meet members of the team in person, or draw in-person conclusions about culture. 

Currently, your employer brand is living fully online, and candidates are looking for proof of culture. Provide it with compelling employee stories that demonstrate that you are what you say you are. Share those stories in all of the places available in your Glassdoor company profile. 

To get you inspired, here are six examples of companies leading the narrative with stories from their team. 

Stories provide a strong start (and compelling content throughout) 

Example: BAE Systems

BAE Systems leads with employee stories right with its cover image video. Then, it features more stories throughout its page. All of the storytellers—across departments, teams and positions—share personal examples of their employee experience at BAE. Individually, these stories’ specificities make them wholly believable to candidates. Collectively, they’re powerful examples of BAE’s real culture. 

Stories answer the question, “Why work with us?”

Example: Dell Technologies

In the “Why Work With Us?” section of your company profile, let your employees answer that question through stories that communicate the universal employee experience. This is the ideal place to share your company culture video featuring a diverse collection of voices from your team. Dell Technologies puts its Life at Dell Technologies video front and center on its Glassdoor employer profile, inviting candidates to learn about the culture present for employees globally. 

Stories bring your values to life 

Example: Lockheed Martin 

Lockheed Martin uses videos of employee storytellers to introduce their mission and values to candidates. By showcasing team member stories and examples of the company values in action, candidates will connect with the content more easily than a block of text. They can gauge whether these organizational values resonate with their personal values

Stories make benefits tangible

Example: Precision Biosciences

It’s one thing to read that a company offers vacation time or health and wellness benefits. It’s another thing completely to watch a video featuring employees talking about coming back to work refreshed after a two week-long vacation, or sharing how they’re excited to receive reimbursements towards their (three!) gym memberships. 

Stories make for effective company updates 

Example: Interactions

Interactions regularly features employee microstories in its Glassdoor Company Updates. The perspectives and images from team members provide more cultural insight than the press releases often posted by companies in this section. For example, Chris’s words about the company’s valuing of diversity provides support to company DEI statements.

Stories confirm your campaigns 

Example: Ochsner Health Systems

“Connect your passion to your purpose” is Ochsner Health Systems’ careers campaign. Alone, it’s an aspirational phrase. But when a collection of team members from throughout the company share examples of themselves doing exactly that, now your Glassdoor Company Profile is rich with proof for the words. 

Don’t miss the chance to provide proof of your culture: share stories throughout your Glassdoor page! When employee stories lead your content, they lead your employer brand. 

Other places you should be sharing stories: your careers site and blog! Download our guide to quickly and effectively sharing stories content.

This piece originally appeared on the Glassdoor for Employers blog.