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Updated Diversity and Inclusion Content Calendar 2023

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In order to fully celebrate diversity and inclusion, your culture content needs to be …  

  • Timely and timeless 
  • Personal and universal 
  • Segmented and inclusive 

… and none of those are mutually exclusive!

As long as your culture content honors the diversity of your team members and communicates your commitment to increasing equity and inclusion, the paradoxes above are possible. 

The key is to capture stories from your team members across all cultural and underrepresented groups, with an eye on the annual celebrations throughout the year. These cultural moments provide impactful opportunities to recognize the contributions of your team members and join important DEI conversations. 

Additionally, employees’ stories provide critical content, year-round, to show candidates and employees the real, lived experiences of team members from underrepresented groups. By honoring Black voices in February and sharing Black employee stories all year long, or LGBTQ+ voices during Pride month and all year long, you prove your company’s authentic commitment to DEI. 

That’s why we at Stories Incorporated have developed a 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Calendar download, just for you. But, before you skip to the end to download it, check out the ways progressive companies have used employee stories around cultural celebrations to fuel their content calendars!

Capital One celebrates Black History in February and Black team members all year long 

Capital One takes Black History Month as a time to honor the history of the Black community and the innovation and contributions of its Black associates. On the Capital One Careers blog, the content calendar is packed with stories that celebrate these team members in detail. There are stories of Black team members of their career journeys and how they’ve experienced company culture, and there are stories from Capital One leadership of the work to create a more equitable workplace and future for all. 

And while Capital One takes special care to commemorate Black History Month each February with a large-scale, company-wide campaign and celebration, they don’t stop there. They continue to share stories from Black voices and belonging all year long. 

Read these stories on the Capital One careers blog

International Women’s Day honored by Dell Technologies in March and women’s equality honored year-round 

Dell Technologies has publicly announced an ambitious goal: a workforce of 50 percent women, and 40 percent of leadership roles held by women, by the year 2030. So, what better time to launch stories that show proof of support for female team members than March, Women’s History Month…and specifically March 8, International Women’s Day? 

The Women in Action video got great engagement when it was released on that celebratory date, however, it continues to serve as compelling, substantive content for Dell’s channels 365 days a year. It weaves together stories from Dell women employees about career growth, recognition, internal mobility, work/life balance and initiatives that support girls.

PRIDE is celebrated by First Solar in June … and July, August, September, etc.

Employees’ stories of how they’ve experienced Pride, belonging and allyship at your company are stronger proof of LGBTQIA+ inclusion than rainbow swag. (And we love rainbow flags and swag!) When companies share these stories in June, they serve as powerful participation in the month-long Pride celebration. 

Additionally, these stories honor and amplify the voices of LGBTQIA+ team members when they’re shared the other 11 months of the year. They help candidates identify your culture as a place with the values of inclusion and allyship they’re looking for. Also, your company can choose to reuse this content to celebrate additional, emerging celebrations outside of June that honor LGBTQIA+ persons, such as International Day of Transgender Visibility (March 31), International Pronouns Day (October 19) and more. 

This video of stories from First Solar employees was first shared in June, and it continues to serve as important content on its channels. LGBTQIA+ team members share exactly how company allyship and support have positively impacted them. 

24 Hour Fitness reaches veteran candidates year-round and recognizes Veterans Day in November 

Companies seeking to attract veterans need content that shows how their culture uniquely supports former service members. 24 Hour Fitness and more companies have tasked us with capturing stories from heroes on their staffs. Their hiring initiative data shows: Real stories from veteran employees thriving in your programs prove to valuable veteran candidates that their contributions are valued. 

Capture these stories and distribute them to candidates on your designated veterans hiring page and social channels year-round. And, of course, honor their service to the country by sharing them on Veterans Day, too. 

Ready to start capturing these timely and timeless stories? 

Want to make sure you have the essential cultural observances covered in your content calendar? 

Excited to get ahead of new and emerging celebrations, such as National Day of Racial Healing, Neurodiversity Celebration Week, and more? 

Download the 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Content Calendar