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The best recruitment marketing content for veteran hiring

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Attract veteran talent with the best recruitment marketing for veteran hiring. Use these strategies and content in your veteran hiring initiatives.

More and more organizations have discovered the competitive advantages of adding veteran talent to their teams. It’s not just the courage, commitment and character this group can bring to the workplace; it’s also their skills and unique experiences that add a competitive corporate advantage.

What can you do to attract veteran talent? Share real stories from veteran employees currently taking advantage of the programs you have in place.

You can share these stories in November to join the nationwide Veterans Day celebration, the first week of March: National Invest in Veterans Week, and all year long to show your real support. See more important dates in our 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Calendar!

Here are five themes that prove to veterans you are ready for their contribution, featuring companies who have committed to creating a supportive environment for our nation’s heroes and heroines.

1. We respect and celebrate where you’ve come from.

For Mac, his time in the military and resulting paralysis did a lot to shape the person he has become. Not only did Deloitte support his idea for a fundraiser to support the Paralyzed Veterans of America, they invited him to be the inaugural speaker and tell his story.

2. We will help you transition culturally.

“You can transition out of the military and you might be really good at your job in 90 days, but it could take you a year to fully transition out of wearing that uniform everyday and into the work world,” Lou Candiello, former Marine and Military Recruiting Programs Manager at Dell tells candidates in this video.

Veterans working at Dell then share specific stories about what their company did to help them transition to a corporate culture.

As another real example of that support, veterans then gave advice to candidates considering Dell as an employer in this video. Veterans see that employees within Dell are willing to help from Day 0, when they are still a candidate.

3. We value you and offer you community.

If you have an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for veterans, show that to candidates. Capture stories of their experiences within the ERG. These can be stories of how the company honored them through the group, the connections they made in the ERG and more.

4. We can accommodate your specific needs.

Molly Mae Potter from Dell returned to civilian life after sustaining a brain injury overseas. Nick from 24 Hour Fitness needed a service dog for emotional support when he returned to work.

Companies that have thoughtfully anticipated how they will easily address specific physical, mental and emotional needs as a result of service win with veterans.

5. We support your continued commitment to our country.

For those that continue to serve our country, reserve duty can impact their work and family life. This is a chance for you to prove to veterans who continue their service that your company will do better than just accommodate this commitment.

On the other hand, most organizations know their new veteran employee will lack certain technical skills they need for their corporate work. They need to show veteran candidates theirs is a culture that can identify knowledge gaps and fill them with training.

Real stories are the best recruitment marketing content for veteran candidates.

All of these themes may emerge when veterans at your company share their stories with you, like this video about the veteran experience for First Solar.

And, when you interview the veteran storytellers at your organization, other themes will emerge!

The most important thing: capture what your company is really, uniquely doing to support your current veteran employees.

Want help with your veteran or other initiative hiring? Download our guide to creating content for the campaign that will resonate with your target audience.