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Try these story mediums in your next recruitment marketing content project

Reading Time: 4 minutes

We know that employee stories is the strongest form of recruitment marketing content. An employee story gives candidates REAL insight into your workplace, is memorable, and supports your broader employer brand statements. 

Employee stories are also extremely versatile. So as you embark on your next recruitment marketing content project, take a moment to pick the medium that best serves your story. 

Here are a few of our favorites: 

Video: Let your storytellers shine

Video is predicted to make up 82% of all internet traffic in 2020 (Cisco). And there’s a reason why: video is the best way to build connections with your audience. It gives employees a platform for their personalities to shine, plus providing visual insight into the workplace through broll footage. 

Check out this overview video of BAE Systems’ Ship Repair team: 

Overlaying stories from the team are sweeping images of the shipyard to show candidates exactly where they would be working. 

Photos: Help candidates envision themselves at your company

One of the final stages of candidate closing is the in-person interview, where candidates can also see where they may be working. But why wait for the final interview? Photos of their future colleagues and workspace help candidates envision themselves at your company earlier in the process.  

Check out some of our favorite recruitment marketing photos

To make your photos even more engaging, turn them into a graphic by adding a text-based story from that team member. Which leads us to our next medium…

Text-based stories: Effective for insight

Blog posts, Q&A sessions, social graphics, and social copy are great text mediums. Long form content is making a comeback and in some cases, outperforms new media. For maximum engagement, always pair the story with a photo of the team member. 

Pro tip: record storyteller interviews, and get them transcribed after the fact so you don’t have to take notes. This lets you focus on the conversation at hand, which is how you uncover the best stories. Then, you can easily grab quotes and ideas from the text when you’re creating later. 

Graphics and gifs: Find the medium that best fits the story

A comic, graphic, or gif adds visual interest to a story that happened outside the office that you wouldn’t have been able to show otherwise. 

Meet Angel from 24 Hour Fitness. After joining the team as a fitness instructor, Angel lost over 150 pounds. In Angel’s words, 24 Hour Fitness “gave me my life back.” Watch her journey in this comic gif below: 

Don’t pick just one! Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose

We’ve listed some of our favorite mediums for employee stories. But don’t just limit yourself to one type! Variety is key to any content strategy. Plus, stories can be repurposed across mediums (meaning, a great video can also be a great blog post and social graphic). 

Our ebook shows you how to communicate the ROI of the employee story projects that are essential to your success. Plus, inside you’ll find special resources for communicating your needs and making a case for your project, like a custom ROI calculator and presentation deck template for presenting to leadership. 

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