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Trane Technologies

Mental Health Anti-Stigma Campaign

When Trane Technologies wanted to raise awareness for mental health in the workplace, they partnered with Stories Inc. A mental health anti-stigma campaign powered by employee stories resulted in the most successful internal communications campaign of the year.

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Trane Technologies is a global climate innovator that brings efficient and sustainable solutions to buildings, homes, and transportation

With 39,000 team members in 100+ manufacturing locations in 28 countries, Trane Technologies is home to an extremely diverse workforce in talent categories spanning Engineering & Technology, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Project Management, Product, and Sales.


Low participation in Trane Technologies’ wellbeing programs due to perceived stigma around seeking mental health support. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Trane Technologies launched a Global Mental Health Pulse Survey in early 2021 to get a baseline understanding of the state of mental health throughout their workforce. 

The survey revealed that more than a third of respondents had trouble focusing multiple times per week due to mental health struggles. And when asked what barriers prevented them from seeking mental health help, “career impact,” “judgment/ perception,” and “time away from work” were the top three responses. All three of which point to mental health stigma as the primary barrier to participating in the company’s robust benefits program and willingness to seek workplace support. 

To reach their goal of increasing mental health awareness and benefits utilization, Trane Technologies needed to first address mental health stigma in their workforce.


A mental health anti-stigma campaign featuring leaders sharing their own personal experiences with mental health. 

Trane Technologies’ Global Wellness Team partnered with Stories Inc. to create an employee storytelling campaign aimed at addressing mental health stigma. Leaders were selected to be the storytellers in order to show top-down participation in mental health benefits. And, global inclusivity would be key to the campaign’s goal of driving engagement with the company’s global workforce. 

Stories Inc. virtually interviewed nine members of Trane’s leadership team from around the world about their experiences around mental health. Each storyteller was featured in their own employee spotlight video, together making up a nine-video anti-stigma campaign.

When the Global Wellness Team went to distribute the campaign globally, three steps were critical to ensuring the campaign was visible to Trane Technologies’ large deskless workforce:

  1. Stories Inc. closed captioned each video in nine different languages to make it readily accessible to Trane Technologies’ global workforce.
  2. Trane’s communications team used QR codes, lift-out quotes, and monitor displays at manufacturing sites to raise awareness for the campaign and make it easy for deskless workers to access the videos.
  3. Trane’s IT team created a shortcut in their employee communications mobile app to prompt employees to visit the video hub.

Watch some of the videos here

“Employees needed to know that self-care is important, and that if they’re talking about these things at work that it’s not going to impact their career.”

Kristin Irby
Kristin Irby
Global Wellness Leader

The highest performing internally-facing campaign of 2022, measured by engagement. 

Using this three-tiered distribution approach, the nine videos received an average of 13,500 unique employee views, with the most-viewed video watched 22,521 times. In addition, the videos on Trane Technologies’ Mental Wellbeing Hub received more than 5,000 site visits in the first five months after launch. 

The anti-stigma campaign was the highest performing internally-facing campaign of 2022, earning the Global Wellness Team and all storyteller participants a 2022 President’s Award.

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