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Customer Testimonials and Customer Stories

Customer Testimonials and Stories

Customer testimonials provide a powerful form of social proof, but the impact is much stronger when a testimonial features a customer story. The human brain is wired to love stories. Build connections with future customers by featuring the stories of your existing customers.

Personalize your testimonials with customer stories

Many customer testimonials focus on the nice words said about a brand or company. But focusing on the human who said those words, rather than on the words themselves, will build a stronger connection with your future customers. Use high-quality video and photography to highlight the person behind the testimonial, and uncover their story. 

Let us help you personalize your customer testimonials with high-quality customer stories through either our in-person process or virtually.

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Use customer stories in your testimonials to put the “proof” in your social proof

A customer testimonial that relies on adjectives about a brand requires the viewer of that testimonial to trust that it’s legitimate. Is the “customer” actually a customer? Was it scripted by the company? Alternatively, a story provides the proof that something happened. How did your product or service actually help the customer on their path to fulfilling their purpose?

At Stories Inc., we’re not satisfied until we’ve uncovered specific stories and examples that prove that your brand has lived up to its messaging. Let’s chat about how we make your social proof provable.

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Help your future customers see themselves in the stories of your existing customers

The goal with your customer testimonials should be to help your target audience put themselves in the shoes of your current customers, so they can see their life being improved thanks to your product or service. Stories do exactly that. While we’re digesting a story, we imagine ourselves in the shoes of the people involved, and we feel the emotions that they would have felt in that experience

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