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Working With Us

At Stories Inc., we help our clients by providing them with consistent, timely, engaging content to help them “feed the beast” that is employer branding. Scroll down to see what a typical relationship with us looks like.

First, we have a kickoff conversation with our client to make sure we’re aligned on content strategy and content calendar.

Next, we plan and execute a series of interviews with 10-20 people in the organization, chosen by the client to uncover true stories that illustrate what it’s like to work there and what it means to pursue the company’s mission and live its values.

Ahead of these interviews, we prep all storytellers just enough so that they feel comfortable sharing stories without sounding scripted or over-coached.

In most cases, we professionally film the interviews in a location that would give the viewer a great sense of what it’s actually like to be in that work environment.

If budgets don’t allow for filming, we can conduct these interviews remotely. In these cases, post-produced videos won’t be part of the content delivery.

With the interviews wrapped up, it’s time to go back to our lab to start producing shareable, digestible pieces of content from the stories we uncovered.

The stories uncovered during the initial set of interviews will fuel up to six months of consistent, timely, engaging content.

In producing the content, our on-staff creative experts make sure to abide by the client’s brand guidelines.

We seek and address feedback from the client along the way, taking an iterative approach to content creation.

Every month for six months, we deliver finished pieces of content to the client, in time to for it to be shared (as outlined in the content calendar).

As months of content delivery go by, we learn what types of content perform best for our client and apply those lessons for future pieces of content.

If noteworthy events occur during the six months after the initial interview process is complete, Stories Inc. stays on call to conduct additional interviews.

At the end of the six months, it’s time to conduct more interviews to fuel another six months of content delivery. Rinse and repeat.

For clients who need additional support, Stories Inc. can manage the distribution of the newly produced content through the client’s recruitment marketing channels.