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Words to describe company culture: “We’re like family”

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We think it’s wonderful when team members we interview describe their company culture as being a family. That’s a great thing to feel, and we’re happy your company is creating an environment where your employees are supported. The problem is, that employee testimonial gives candidates zero insight into your culture. Even worse, your culture content will need to work harder to get and keep candidate attention, because job seekers are seeing that phrase on countless career sites and in too many corporate culture videos. 

You’re not generic. You have a unique employee experience to offer. The answer is to back up that “family feel” with actual stories from team members that show it in action. 

This video we created with Loews Hotels employees shows specific moments that illustrate the feeling of family culture. 

Family can mean a lot of different things to different people. For some, a family culture at work may be spending evening and weekend hours with teammates in and outside of the office. For others, it’s a culture that provides support and flexibility when they have a sick kid at home. There are stories in each scenario that can bring what being a family means at your company to candidates. 

For Rae, it meant her manager and coworkers being there for her during a medical emergency. 

Your unique culture should be celebrated, and it starts with understanding what team members value about their employee experience. Then, get rid of anything generic that doesn’t give specific insight. That means, you need those stories! 

Want more examples of compelling story-based content? Download our guide! 

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